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Amsterdam: Anne Frank Huis, Eyeglass Museum

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On our second day in Amsterdam, D and I decided to do something educational. We're both pretty interested in the history of World War II, especially the Holocaust. We love watching movies, documentaries and reading books that chronicle the events from this period. It was because of this that we were motivated to wake up early enough to beat the insane queues at the famed Anne Frank Huis (House).

Our efforts paid off as there was only a short queue when we arrived just after 9am.

They turned the original house into a museum, not only describing the family's ordeal but also tackling the holocaust and discrimination in general. Original documents and paraphernalia, including the Star of David that they were required to wear, were all on display too. The entrance fee was around 8 EUR each (well worth it!) but you can also buy online to skip the lines.

Photos were strictly forbidden but we had to sneak in this non-flash photo of the original bookcase that was used as a secret doorway to the Annexe where the Frank family and others hid before getting rounded up by Hitler's people.

By the time, we exited the museum the line was winding down to the next block! It was a good thing we managed to get there early.

Another memorable experience to cross off our bucket lists! You definitely need to go here if you're at all interested in WWII history.

On a lighter note, we got to sneak in some outfit shots across the street as well!

Topshop slashed sleeve shirt, F21 peach shorts, H&M glasses, blazer, and flats, MNG bag
D: The weather on our first day in Amsterdam was nearly Manila-warm so I thought I could get away with shorts. Lucky me, it turned out to be freaking chilly that I was getting goosebumps. Good thing I grabbed a pair of knee-high socks before leaving our place! I slipped them on in the tram and was good to go!

Topman henley, pants, belt; Zara shoes
P: I couldn't bring too many casual clothes with me on this trip with all my work stuff. Sorry for repeating! In any case, the henley was perfect for this day as it protected me from the wind and I could just roll up my sleeves if it got too warm.

In other fashion news, we stumbled upon the Nationaal Brilmuseum which, after seeing the contents, we assumed to mean museum of glasses. We found it in a nice area called De Negen Straatjes (9 Streets) which was lined with a ton of independent designer boutiques and vintage shops.

Check these out! We've never seen such interesting frames ever. They were all vintage glasses that were never used so they were in perfect condition. However, their flawlessness meant they cost more than a pretty penny. Some pairs cost more than 400 Euros! We didn't get to take any home but it was a blast ogling all the pairs. See for yourself!

Such a stunner! One more post on fashion-related news in Amsterdam!