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Amsterdam: Leidsestraat

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We're taking a break from trains and so we hopped on a plane headed towards Amsterdam. Here's the obligatory plane window shot of a gorgeous mountain range.

We arrived at the Schiphol Airport in one piece. This area before the actual gates looks so different from the other airports we've landed in so far.

Check out this gigantic human hamster wheel that generates green energy and supports the cancer cause. You can sign up to run for X number of hours or even get on the stationary bikes to help out! We would've loved to jump in but 50+ kg of luggage being toted everywhere didn't bode well for our physical conditions.

As usual, P made a beeline for food as soon as we settled in. We ended up at a charming square where we randomly chose Cafe Max because of the nice music blaring from the speakers.

Traditional Dutch clogs gone disco

Cranberry and apple juice

Bitterballen are traditional Dutch croquettes served with mustard. Slightly bitter but definitely Dutch comfort food.

Bacon is spoken universally. This is their version of the BLT except drowned in mozarella cheese. Yum!

Open-faced tuna salad
D: Normally I love tuna salad but unfortunately, this wasn't a successful sandwich for me because of the giant slabs of cucumber. I hate hate hate cucumber and the entire sandwich tasted like an eye spa. Bleh.

Chocolate brownie
D: Good thing, this brownie saved the day. It looks dry in this photo but it was actually super moist! Really nice treat for the end of the meal.

After the late lunch we decided to walk along one of the high streets, the Leidsestraat. It is line with a lot of tourist shops, restaurants, designer boutiques and the occasional "coffeeshop." That's not a typo, it's referred to as one word.

We sampled some stinky cheeses (P: The smoked goat cheeses were delish!) and bought some Stroopwafel or syrup waffles for our families back home.

Traditional wooden Dutch clogs

Balenciagas, Guccis, Missonis and other designer brands were all half off in this shop!

A snapshot of the Leidsestraat
More on Amsterdam soon! :)


fashioneggpplant said...

love this disco clogs and all those vinyls on the wall!