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Amsterdam: Tassen Museum

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D: After the somber mood in Anne Frank Huis, I asked P if it was alright for us to visit the Museum of Bags and Purses for a lighter yet still historical expedition. If you have no interest in bags in the least, then skip this post because it revolves entirely around them. However, if you're a bag hag then you're sure to find inspiration from the photos that follow. Some of these bags date back to the 16th century and could pass off as a design still relevant today!
The museum showed the development of the bag as a functional object to a sartorial addition. It also delved into the evolution of materials used in creating the designs. I'll let the photos do the talking. This is only half of the shots I took since the reflections on the glass made it tricky to take photos.

 Each section had these panels which detailed the workmanship and function of the bags there.

 The predecessors of today's ubiquitous satchels

 I wouldn't mind carrying this pretty little thing!

 All hand beaded!

 In the past, women used these frames to anchor on different kinds of materials to make bags. They could change it up and mix and match as the pleased!

 Tortoise shell was seen as a luxe material even way back then.

 Love this one too!

 Silver mesh bags

 Do you see the detail of the etched spider web? Very cool.




 Poor leopard :( His face is a bag.

 Armadillo - Hate to say it but this looks kind of cool.

 Children's satchel

 They also had a section full of kitsch, novelty bags!

 Cute lunch basket





Cute Moschino!

Look, it's Imelda!



Judith Leiber's famous dazzling cupcake

Mulberry Bayswater

Love this!


Overall, it was a great museum to visit! It wasn't as superficial an experience as we thought it would be because of all the history that was worked into the exhibition. Another must-see!


fashioneggpplant said...

really, really loving your posts lately. can't wait for the next! :)

artemis said...

another great post. i would absolutely love this museum! don't know if my hubby would though...:D