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Chin Chin Labs: Nitrogen Ice Cream

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 When we found out about this special ice-cream parlor in London , we knew we had to make time to try it (Thanks, Pam!). The first time we went, it was already closed but we found the perfect time to go since it's right in the Camden area (see previous post). 

 The owner/chef gave us quite the show as he worked his magic churning ice-cream with the absolute best texture ever!

 Each scoop comes with one free topping and one free sauce. The beaker in the middle contains the sugar shards.

 Their mainstays are the Madagascar Vanilla and the Valrhona Chocolate. The weekly special at the time of our visit was Tea + Birthday Cake. Another flavor they used to offer was Buttered Popcorn (using actual popcorn)!
 Your options

 So here he is pouring the ice-cream mix into the mixer. I ordered the tea and cake batter. They use actual cake batter and Earl Grey tea and steep it in milk. 

 He mixes it up again both manually and mechanically.

 Then he fills up this metal jug with nitrogen in its liquid state.

 The nitrogen is combined with the ice-cream mix in the bowl and you can actually smell the flavor as the smoke wafts towards you.

 After the smoke clears, what you get is the smoothest ice-cream ever. There are no ice crystals as the liquid nitrogen freezes the mix instantaneously.

 It found the exact sweet spot right between being too frozen and difficult to scoop and being too melty and goopy. This was ice cream at its most perfect state.

D: The other shopkeeper assists you with the rest of the process. I chose the Valrhona chocolate syrup and the roasted white chocolate toppings.

P's order: Valrhona chocolate ice cream with raspberry sauce and grilled white chocolate

The weather was way too chilly to be eating ice cream, but in this case, we really didn't mind!


Number Two Lover said...

I heard about it on a TV, and I must ask, is it really really delicious? And worth the price? Haha, thanks! :)