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Antwerp: Part 1

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The next leg of our amazing adventure began at the Antwerp Central train station. We took a quick train ride yet again from Amsterdam.The Eurail pass is really serving us well and the best thing about Europe is that everything is so accessible once you have a Schengen visa.

We really fell head over heels for Antwerp, Belgium. It definitely holds its own against the major tourist destinations of London and Paris. Seriously, every corner of this city is a postcard picture waiting to happen.
The photo above is of the city square.

We're only working with a point and shoot Canon S90 and ZERO photography skills but the city manages to give us spectacular snaps at every turn.

Can you spot the living person? One of the figures is not a statue! 

The city is so pedestrian-friendly. We didn't have to spend anything on public transportation because everything worth seeing was accessible on foot.

You'll have to bear with our lazy fashion now, because really, who is looking at clothes when your surroundings look like this??
Not only did Antwerp give us great views, we were also spoiled with THE Belgian wafffle, Belgian chocolates, and best of all, Belgian fries. 

BKK button down, Topman jeans, best fries EVER
P: Same old, same old but can we please focus on the most amazing fries in the world?? My big grin is courtesy of these fries and that thumb sticking out was because of the ketchup I was licking off. Yum!

 There Goes Jackie dress, Topshop leggings
D: I know I look so lazy but I didn't want to waste time deciding what to wear when an entire city was waiting to be explored! Comfy dress with cute rope detail was enough and I never thought I'd be okay without a jillion accessories on. Who knew? Can I please move to Antwerp now?!

More on Antwerp, Belgium soon!