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 Three days in Antwerp were not enough but sadly, it was time for us to pack our bags (groan!) for the nth time and jump on yet another train.

 Things don't always go your way when you travel and that is exactly what happened to us. Our train from Gent to Lille got cancelled and so we got diverted and that's how we ended up at the random stops in Belgium pictured above. Instead of Antwerp to Brussels to Gent to Lille, we went Antwerp to Brussels (North and South!) to Gent to Kortrijk with a lot of other stops we can't spell in between!
Our train from Kortrijk to Lille was arriving at 2:56 pm and our train from Lille to our next destination was leaving at 3:00 pm. We did the math and realized that we had precisely 4 minutes to get from one train to the other. With a zillion other people clamoring to get off. With more than 45kg worth of luggage. With a fairly large and fully unfamiliar train station to navigate around. We couldn't risk missing our train because the next destination is a pretty popular spot to visit so seats were hard to come by even if re-booking was free.

These pictures were the calm before the storm. Obviously, the amount of stress caused by situations like this resulted in a fair amount of bickering, especially since we deal with crappy situations in completely opposite ways. Don't worry, we're not going to blog about that kind of dirty laundry haha!
Find out if we make it alive and where we were headed (although the clues probably gave it away) in the next post!