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A Visit from Santa's Elves

~ ~
 'Twas the season to be jolly, thanks to Santa and his elves! Two boxes arrived for us and boy, were we excited to rip into them.
P: The larger box on top coming bearing Christmas goodies. Thanks, Mom!

I love the smell of brand new leather and this was particularly fragrant. I just wanted to appreciate it before it gets used. I ordered these peforated leather lace-ups from Solestruck.com (a website D frequently drools over) during the Black Friday madness.
 I didn't really know much about Rachel Comey but D showed me some of her pieces that she liked.
I was torn between the bone and navy versions but I thought I needed a new color in my shoe stash. Really happy with this new addition!

D: Look at the new Jeffrey Campbell boxes! Cute, right? And I don't even like cats.
 Their boxes are always such fun! Check out this random car version of personal ads.
 JC's Get-Out, my version of sensible shoes. These are super comfortable and go with everything! Be forewarned though, they don't have a lot of traction so slipping is likely. You definitely don't want to trip in these.
 Purchased at Lulu's.
 From an edgy black pair to a more vibrant and multicolored number! This one is more up my alley, actually.
 I love the clashing color combination and the hefty wedge and platform.
 I'm excited to start working outfits around this tricky pair. Any ideas?
 Purchased at Solestruck.
 P.S. Both online shops have awesome giveaways with every purchase! Lulu's gives free music download codes that can be redeemed from their website. Pretty cool tunes too!
Solestruck gives out these awesome band-aids! I don't think I can ever bring myself to use these for their intended purpose.
What about you, guys? Share your favorite Christmas loot with us! :)

A Very Shady Christmas

~ ~
 Something we look forward to during the holidays is our annual barkada Christmas party! Great food, crazy fun games, and the best company always make for an amazing time.
 Meet Nina, Bianca, Rosanna, Maina, Monique, Alexi, Donna, Carms, Missy and Anjie! Can you spot LittleMissR's Versace x H&M skirt?
 And here are the men that bring the crazy to the party; Mikko, Rog, Ken, Mamp, Vinci, Rigs, Alfie, Carlo, Boogie and Samboy!

P: 21Men blazer, Topman Limited skinny cords, shirt from my tailor, Mark R shoes
I absolutely love these new cords I got as part of my Christmas present from D. I'd been looking for a pair of slimmer-fitting pants and a pair of cords so this was an obvious choice. They fit perfectly, not too tight nor too long. It's such a treat when you don't feel like your clothes need further tailoring.
I chanced upon this jacket in the F21 sale in SM Makati. A nice, light blazer is an easy way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit.
 D: H&M dress, Primark leather and shearling jacket, The Ramp heels
 Got the dress from the H&M branch in Paris for only EUR5! It's a bit tricky to wear (body tape!) but I love the back detail.
Brought a jacket to combat the manufactured chill of air-conditioning and the femininity of the dress with some street edge.
The jacket runs a little bigger than I prefer, but my Topshop moto jacket has died and gone to pleather jacket heaven so this one had to do.
Plus I liked how the jacket sort of tied in with my shoes! I'm not really a pump kind of girl but these are pretty cool!
These Dsquared copies are from The Ramp, one of my favorite resources for trendy fashion fixes. Speaking of, they've just launched their online shop which makes it much easier to access all of their goodies! Check out their current collection for all your New Year's party needs.
Meet another friend in my ring menagerie! Poor Mr. Octopus is missing a few legs!
Here's hoping your holidays were spectacular!

Bring the Girls to the Yard

~ ~
 Last Saturday, Looking for Lola participated in the Yard Sale of Status Magazine held in Fiamma. Rosanna and I marked down all of our merchandise and our customers enjoyed 50% off the already sale prices!
P was an awesome salesman! Rosanna and I stepped out for two minutes to look at something and when we peeked at the booth, it was crowded with customers!
 The leftovers from the bazaar are all back in our store and are being sold at super low prices. Perfect for last minute exchange gifts! Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth! Keep checking out Looking for Lola because we have a ton in store for you coming soon!
F21 sweater, skirt, desert boots, vintage necklace, sunglasses from Portobello Market
 Dressed for comfort because setting up a booth for a bazaar is hard work. In hindsight, a tight mini skirt probably wasn't a good idea. I love the print on it though! Fun, graphic and bursting with color is always a good choice for me.
 The sweater was definitely a good call though, because Fiamma was absolutely freezing! I love this shade of mint green on anything and it kept me cozy and warm during the event. That single pocket was pretty handy too. I totally should have bought it in the other colors!
 The friendship bracelet was purchased at the Eastwood evening bazaar and I got a bit lazy to assemble a whole look for my wrists so out came this airplane ring instead. Got this at Rockwell, partly because it's a lot of fun to wear to work! My preschoolers love it and we take turns flying it around the room. 
Quirky accessory + entertainment tool for 3's and 4's = double duty keeper!
We're slowly catching up on our backlog! Hopefully, you all are enjoying your holidays!

Curly Cowboy

~ ~
D: So blogging has taken a backseat to life and that's not exactly a bad thing, However, we are left with quite a backlog of posts to catch up on. Here's a quick outfit post from a rare occasion I had to get dolled up for a fun shoot with a local magazine. 
 vintage button down, F21 shorts and belt, Topshop lace-up boot-sneaker-wedge hybrid
Went easy on the accessories since I wasn't being shot in my own clothes anyway. I guess I still looked ridiculously over made-up while running errands post-shoot. I have been curious to know what I'd look like with curly hair though so this was my chance to see if I liked it without having to commit and pay for a digiperm.
  After 2 hours (and despite a ton of product), my stubborn mane decided to straighten itself out. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Maybe I'll take the plunge next year and get a more permanent fix.
And finally, check out my Western-themed shirt! I am totally into the loud and kind of brash print in subdued and faded colors. Hello, there are horses pulling on a carriage being ridden by a man with a musket on my top! That just screams awesome in my book.

Lola Vibes

~ ~
A while back, a show on ANC invited Looking for Lola to appear in one of their segments. I was so out of my element because I don't normally do fashion gigs or style for people other than myself.
Here's the set of 4 outfits that I came up with, with help from my friends.
Speaking of help from friends, can I just give a giant shout-out to Alexi and Anjie? They were so awesome to make themselves available for this shoot! I am super missing LittleMissR (yihee, Sans!) right now so they provided me with invaluable support! Here's out improvised "backstage" area featuring Tita Becky's Victoria laundry soap in the corner haha!
Here's a sneak peek of one of the outfits Lexi wore! Doesn't she look gorgeous?
This girl can pull off anything. She was such a trooper!
Also, big snaps to our make-up artist, Anjie, who pinch-hit as a model too!
She does make-up for all occasions. I definitely recommend her for all your holiday celebrations. You can check out her website here.
Anjie was also kind enough to do my make-up and here I am feeling crazy awkward in front of the camera. Pretty sure I was babbling half the time. Also, those lights are insanely hot that it's difficult to look fresh. Thank goodness the production team of the show were so awesome that they let me take pauses to clean up or to get my thoughts together!
Here's Anj and I watching Lexi work it!
Top and necklace from SM Dept Store, tailor-made skirt using scrap fabric, F21 MJ platforms
Sorry about the photo quality! The store was pretty much in chaos and I had to sneak in some outfit shots while the girls were modeling.
My overlap skirt is again courtesy of Manang Rose (best seamstress ever!). I love the print and the bright colors of this fabric! I was lucky to get this because the entire bolt was used up, save for 1 1/3 yard that was partly burnt and torn. The shopkeeper sold it to me for a pittance and Manang was able to salvage a portion to make up this wrap skirt. Love the cut we came up with! Actually, she was also able to make bow-tie bracelets with the excess fabric. I think those will be sold in the shop soon so watch out for that!
Of course, the lightweight material of the skirt meant that the microphone's weight nearly left me indecent! I must've looked ridiculous constantly hiking up an already very mini skirt.
Anyway, I hope the segment turns out well despite the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. I'll post more details once I know when it'll air. Thanks for reading!