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A Very Shady Christmas

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 Something we look forward to during the holidays is our annual barkada Christmas party! Great food, crazy fun games, and the best company always make for an amazing time.
 Meet Nina, Bianca, Rosanna, Maina, Monique, Alexi, Donna, Carms, Missy and Anjie! Can you spot LittleMissR's Versace x H&M skirt?
 And here are the men that bring the crazy to the party; Mikko, Rog, Ken, Mamp, Vinci, Rigs, Alfie, Carlo, Boogie and Samboy!

P: 21Men blazer, Topman Limited skinny cords, shirt from my tailor, Mark R shoes
I absolutely love these new cords I got as part of my Christmas present from D. I'd been looking for a pair of slimmer-fitting pants and a pair of cords so this was an obvious choice. They fit perfectly, not too tight nor too long. It's such a treat when you don't feel like your clothes need further tailoring.
I chanced upon this jacket in the F21 sale in SM Makati. A nice, light blazer is an easy way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit.
 D: H&M dress, Primark leather and shearling jacket, The Ramp heels
 Got the dress from the H&M branch in Paris for only EUR5! It's a bit tricky to wear (body tape!) but I love the back detail.
Brought a jacket to combat the manufactured chill of air-conditioning and the femininity of the dress with some street edge.
The jacket runs a little bigger than I prefer, but my Topshop moto jacket has died and gone to pleather jacket heaven so this one had to do.
Plus I liked how the jacket sort of tied in with my shoes! I'm not really a pump kind of girl but these are pretty cool!
These Dsquared copies are from The Ramp, one of my favorite resources for trendy fashion fixes. Speaking of, they've just launched their online shop which makes it much easier to access all of their goodies! Check out their current collection for all your New Year's party needs.
Meet another friend in my ring menagerie! Poor Mr. Octopus is missing a few legs!
Here's hoping your holidays were spectacular!


Kookie B. said...

damn! you look hot in that dress! swear! love it! and i love how chunky those pumps are.

merry christmas, love!

Junah Cagang said...

i love those killer heels !
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

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