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Bring the Girls to the Yard

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 Last Saturday, Looking for Lola participated in the Yard Sale of Status Magazine held in Fiamma. Rosanna and I marked down all of our merchandise and our customers enjoyed 50% off the already sale prices!
P was an awesome salesman! Rosanna and I stepped out for two minutes to look at something and when we peeked at the booth, it was crowded with customers!
 The leftovers from the bazaar are all back in our store and are being sold at super low prices. Perfect for last minute exchange gifts! Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth! Keep checking out Looking for Lola because we have a ton in store for you coming soon!
F21 sweater, skirt, desert boots, vintage necklace, sunglasses from Portobello Market
 Dressed for comfort because setting up a booth for a bazaar is hard work. In hindsight, a tight mini skirt probably wasn't a good idea. I love the print on it though! Fun, graphic and bursting with color is always a good choice for me.
 The sweater was definitely a good call though, because Fiamma was absolutely freezing! I love this shade of mint green on anything and it kept me cozy and warm during the event. That single pocket was pretty handy too. I totally should have bought it in the other colors!
 The friendship bracelet was purchased at the Eastwood evening bazaar and I got a bit lazy to assemble a whole look for my wrists so out came this airplane ring instead. Got this at Rockwell, partly because it's a lot of fun to wear to work! My preschoolers love it and we take turns flying it around the room. 
Quirky accessory + entertainment tool for 3's and 4's = double duty keeper!
We're slowly catching up on our backlog! Hopefully, you all are enjoying your holidays!


dred said...

wow those are some really cute stuff. love the tribal print clutch.

lovin' your skirt too! :)


himynameis said...

love your skirt!
wish you could post an album of the available items (: