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D: So blogging has taken a backseat to life and that's not exactly a bad thing, However, we are left with quite a backlog of posts to catch up on. Here's a quick outfit post from a rare occasion I had to get dolled up for a fun shoot with a local magazine. 
 vintage button down, F21 shorts and belt, Topshop lace-up boot-sneaker-wedge hybrid
Went easy on the accessories since I wasn't being shot in my own clothes anyway. I guess I still looked ridiculously over made-up while running errands post-shoot. I have been curious to know what I'd look like with curly hair though so this was my chance to see if I liked it without having to commit and pay for a digiperm.
  After 2 hours (and despite a ton of product), my stubborn mane decided to straighten itself out. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Maybe I'll take the plunge next year and get a more permanent fix.
And finally, check out my Western-themed shirt! I am totally into the loud and kind of brash print in subdued and faded colors. Hello, there are horses pulling on a carriage being ridden by a man with a musket on my top! That just screams awesome in my book.


Gela said...

i love your top! such a unique fabric. also, you look good w/ a bit of curl on your head! :)

boat ride through the sky

toni | perfumed red shoes said...

cute top! love the print :)

toni perfumed red shoes