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Sugar High

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Topman clothes, River Island hat, Primark espadrilles
P: I couldn't resist using some of my shopping loot during my down time from the office. I scored the perfect woven hat from River Island last weekend. Love the literal feather in my cap!

Tartan dress, knee high socks, black ballet flats
D: No proper outfit shot because I ended up changing out of this outfit anyway. The weather is starting to get hot here again!

We passed by this eye-catching shop the other day and decided to grab a refreshment to help combat the heat.

If you enlarge this photo of the menu, you'll see all the crazy flavors they offer!

What they do is grind up the chocolate bar/s or candy bar of your choice and throw in ice cream, milk, malt, or whatever else you want to add in. It makes for a delicious, rich drink!

 D: Aero Chocolate Mint with whipped cream
 P: Mars bar with malt

To continue on with our dessert spree, we wanted to share some pictures of a shop we chanced upon at the Bricklane Market (more on that later!). It's called Kooky bakes and the two guys running it started offering a buy one, get one free promotion!

Don't they all look divine? We ended up getting the Red Velvet whoopie pie and THE BEST chocolate cupcake ever! Both were demolished in record time.

A post on the vintage markets of London coming up next!


Gillian Uang said...

The red velvet whoopie pie caught my eye! *drool* !