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In the Countryside

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Hey, there. It's the P edition of the Shady Chronicles. I've been out of the country since June 4 and will be back July 18. I'm in the UK on a company training program, in the middle of nowhere. Some sights include, grass, trees, ducks, and more grass:

My room (or the mess that is my room). Mom would be proud. 

The smell of squirrel poop and and flowers greets me in the morning.

My outfit for walking around after an early dismissal. Finally got to wear shorts after days of rain. No one told me that the British summer would be wet and freezing. It's an affront to my tropical sensibilities haha. It's warm indoors and nippy outdoors! This'll take some getting used to.

Will try to get out to London for a few visits while I'm here so I can least share some interesting sights. See you then!


fashioneggpplant said...

beautiful place! :)

Becky said...

Excited to leave na!!!!! Is there ANYTHING to do where you are? hahaha

- Rosanna (using my moms account and im tamad to log out)