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Euro 2011: Part 1

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After two weeks of being continents apart, I finally caught up with P in London!

While P is busy at work, Rosanna and I are having a blast getting lost in the city.
Here we are in between practicing our fake British accents on the plane!

Breakfast on the plane
Singapore Airlines is the best! Great food and awesome service.

 Roast beef for lunch

 Beef egg noodles for dinner. Really yummy by any standard!

 Rosanna and I watched Never Say Never on the plane, I know, so late but we super loved it anyway. 

 On the way out of Heathrow at 9pm! It's still so bright out!

Hello gorgeous London!

Redhead muscle shirt, Topshop cut-offs and tights, SM flats, Os bone necklace, Ray-ban cat-eyes

All the boutiques are on sale now so we've been going nuts on Oxford! 
Watch out for our next posts to get a glimpse of the chaos on high street!


bestie said...

GAAAD you're killing me! You and Rosanna. I'm sooo inggit! Ah but imagining you two doing fake British accents is making me smile. (:

Well, looks like you're off to a great start! Kaloka how bright it is at night noh? You wouldn't even realize the time until you suddenly feel exhausted. Haha.

Can't wait to see your loot! Have fun girls (and P!) :p

Gela said...

so great that you & P have finally reunited! and in Europe! i'm jealous. tho i'm having a blast myself just looking at all your photos so far here & on Rosanna's blog. looking forward to seeing more! :)

boat ride through the sky

fashioneggpplant said...

what a blast! have fun, easy on the plastic! :P

my sweet nothings said...

a follower, wow! its london