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Landmarks and Bubble Tea!

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 We spent the other day exploring the requisite London landmarks and taking obligatory tourist shots.

Buckingham Palace
 Yihee this is where they kissed! So lame but I was getting so kilig at the thought. : D

 We missed the 11:30 changing of the guards but this fuzzy-headed guy suddenly started moving around and giving us a show. It seriously made my day!

 Didn't get to take a proper outfit shot but here's one in front of the Palace. 
H&M leopard jacket, Redhead tank, F21 jeans and shades

 Westminster Abbey

 Big Ben
The tourism industry of London is extremely strong. If only we could draw even just a quarter of the crowds to the Philippines!

Speaking of home, Rosanna and I are HUGE bubble tea junkies! Any time we go out, a bubble tea is always on the agenda. Naturally, we just had to google "best bubble tea in London" and that is how we ended up in Chinatown. The sights and smells were so familiar and we were momentarily distracted from our quest by the glorious aroma of peking duck, yang chow rice, and other Asian offerings.

 We managed to pry ourselves away from the Chinese restaurant fronts and found ourselves on Rupert St. in front of Bubbleology.

 Definitely lacking in assortment and at P200+ for a regular, it was pricier than what we were used to. Oh well, it just had to do for now.

 Kind of bizarre to see an English man serving us our Taiwanese tea but he was really nice!

 Strange tea colors and popping boba

My lychee tea was a little lacking in the taste department and the pearl wasn't sweet enough but we were just happy to have our fix for the London leg of our trip. It's seriously like a drug, you know.
More adventures and misadventures soon! :)