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Borough Market and Tate Modern

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 We decided to take a break from all the shopping and check out the food offerings at the Borough food market. Our heads were spinning at the sight of all the delicious food that we came across!

 Turkish sweets

 Rosanna and I bought a bag of fudge! The chocolate honeycomb was to die for!

 Gorgeous fresh produce!

 Delicious warm mulled cider is fantastic for a cold day!

 My delicious lunch: Duck sandwich with rocket and mustard, freshly brewed iced tea

 After Borough, we walked along the River Thames en route to the Tate Modern museum.

 Cute school girls distressed over a dying pigeon. :(

When we finally got to the Tate Modern, Rosanna and I weren't doing such a good job at focusing on the art and finding the symbolism of the paintings and sculptures. We ended up scoping people and just playing "accent-accent" while walking from display to display. We did manage to get a few snaps of the works that caught our eye!

 Dead birds

 Maybe I'm shallow, but I really can't see the "art" here. I could do this to my own walls!


 This one was pretty impressive! Up close they look like sunflower seeds, but they're actually tiny pieces of porcelain painted to look like sunflower seeds! Each one is hand-painted and this pile is only a small fraction of the amount the artist made.

 Marble sculpture and ukay-ukay

 Suspended staircase

 Cool sculpture made from tar

 I don't get this one either...

 vintage dress, Gozum cape, F21 tights, Parisian nude flats
I guess I gotta work on getting some culture in!


arnique said...

Ooh! I had the duck and rocket sandwich too! You need to go back and try the chorizo baps (in front of Monmouth Coffee Co., ditto on trying the coffee) and a glass of Pimm's. Pimm's is my new drink of choice and I'm bringing it to all my barkada parties instead of sangria.

Yes, their school uniforms are so cute! When I was at the Tower of London, there were little girls in our Povedan uniform, as in yellow checkered Goldilocks print! I wanted to take photos but didn't want to look like a perv. :))

I'm really jealous that you guys are there during the sales! Sigh.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea