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D: My very humble collection of bags is hanging precariously on a wobbly silver bag tree.
It's been quite the eyesore in my room so it was such a relief when I spotted this handcrafted stand being sold in one of those street-side furniture stores near Nuvali.
P was kind enough to swing the car around so I could check it out.
It's made from pure ipil wood and is quite sturdy.
The price? P500 only! 
What a steal for this impeccably-made looker!

There were only 5 pieces left and this one had the most interesting shape. 
I love that a lot of the pegs are part of the original trunk of the tree, meaning it won't snap off easily unlike my cheap-o plastic bag holder.

However, the naturally light color of the wood didn't go with my room's look so I wanted to stain it with a chocolate brown. P and I decided we could wing instead of hiring a carpenter to do such a small piece. 
Our materials:
Boysen chocolate brown paint (P60), brush (P20), paint thinner lying around the house, and a plastic container.
It was a matter of trial and error, as is the case with all our D.I.Ys. We mixed 1 part paint with 3 parts thinner to get a really light, watery stain. I didn't want the paint to be too opaque so that the grain of the wind would still show. 

The finished product! I'd say it was a pretty successful D.I.Y!


BKK shirt, dept. store shorts, the ubiquitous Topman belt and Fred Perry loafers
It's not seen in the picture but there are red dots in the sea of blue ones. They're proving to be a challenge to have washed though since the color tends to bleed.
In other news, I'm forced to exhaust my Bangkok haul because I have yet to do any serious shopping. 
Thank goodness Christmas is on the way.

Just G v-neck, Landmark blazer, denim skirt, Bass tassel loafers

I recently purchased this floral blazer on a whim. It was such a steal for around P400!
Landmark is really a treasure trove if you're willing to hunt around for a while.


Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

cute outfits!!!

Lloyda said...

loove the blazer! so true about landmark... if only i don't live far from makati or their trinoma branch. and your loafers! i also have a pair in black! :) the brown got sold out so boo!