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Happy birthday, Beej!

Copious amounts of food and drink at far-off planet Dagobah (aka Valenzuela) for perennial Star Wars fan Beej's birthday party. I'm seeing espadrilles show up more and more in Manila. Can't wait to break out this summer favorite again once the rain stops pouring.

Sonja's cupcakes in a party-friendly tree.

Brie or blue cheese and grapes wrapped in salami tasted fantastic!

SexyLexi style

Rosanna's Suelas design! Grab a pair now!

Bangkok shirt and trousers, 21Men belt, fringe loafers
With my friend Drils. He's got a blazer-cardigan too! I like the fit of these slim khakis. They're stretchy so they stay casual and comfortable.

 F21 open knit top and jeans, vintage belt, Janilyn shoes
Too lazy to be creative today. I just really like this knit top. I've been trying to keep the shirt intact but it's proving to be impossible as it catches on everything. Oh well, I'm embracing the gaping holes now!


CRE said...

I love your shoes! :) My friend and I saw you guys in Rockwell last Saturday but we were too shy to say hi! Haha!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks! Just checked out your blog and I love your stuff! Can't wait to read more :)


Ericka said...

hi, can i ask where did you guys get the cake from?

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Hi Ericka! Sorry for the late reply. The cake is from Yulo's Kitchen. It's super yummy! :)