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So we were cheesy and lame enough to chronicle our exchange of gifts this Christmas. 
While we agree that the season shouldn't revolve so much around the material aspect, it's always nice to receive your favorite things, right??

Disclaimer: There was little to no surprise factor in this exchange because we're pretty transparent/dictatorial about our wish lists. It may take away that crucial element of surprise for some, but hey, it works perfectly well for us! 

Gee, I wonder what's inside the box! It doesn't look like a shoe box to me...

Not my finest moment--violently stabbing at the Johnny Air Cargo box with kitchen scissors because I have no patience or EQ for this sort of thing.

And ooh! Lookie here! I spy two boxes, double the fun!

Thank you, P! :)

With D's gift and mirrored aviators.

 So a couple of months ago, I left my phone in a toiletry bag on the way home from a trip out of town. Unfortunately, D's liquid soap spilled and the phone was drenched. It smelled pretty nice but it stopped working. So I had to use her old (and hot pink!) one for a while until she got me this blue-black Nokia C3. Lovely!

 Still getting used to the qwerty keyboard but it's actually getting me to use Facebook a lot more than I used to. It's so easy to go online and use the interface. It's got a load of other features but it's main attraction is its online capabilities. It's also impossible to text while driving with this, which is probably for the best!

Hope you all had a blast uncovering this season's loot and receiving some holiday love, both material and otherwise! :)