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  It can be such a pain to find a place that serves decent food past 10pm without having to go too far.
Luckily, a bunch of these little cafes have started opening in my (D) neighborhood.

This time, we decided to try out Cab Cafe. This cozy cafe serves a variety of cold and hot coffee, pizza, pastas, sandwiches, and pastries. It also has a rack of native delicacies like taba ng talangka (crab fat).

P: My Tiramisu frappo was decent but pretty run-of-the-mill. It reminded me of Starbucks. Whether that's good or bad is up to you.
D: I had a glass of Raspberry green tea and it was slightly reminiscent of Serenitea drinks minus the pearl. This was just a little too candy/syrupy sweet for me though.

Our server recommended one of their best-sellers: Deli Pinoy pasta. It had tinapa (smoked milk fish), tomatoes, tomatoes and salted egg. It was good but I would rather have the fish flaky instead of mushy.

D and I decided to go for the ham (or was it bacon) and mushroom pizza. I was delighted with the generous amount of cheese and the good dough.

P: Featuring the J.Crew shorts D found for me. I cuff them a little shorter than what I'm used to because I like the contrast of the stripes and the underside.

Polka dots and pinstripes! I like the detailing on the belt was well. Up close it looks aged between the diagonal stripes.

 Dept store dress, Dorothy Perkins beanie, F21 shoes
D: Felt a little festive that day! Every available surface in our house is practically sagging under the weight of Christmas decor. The Philippine version of "December chill" almost justified this beanie. I ended up ripping it off my head after an hour or two though. Serves me right!

Can't wait to get all the Christmas parties underway so I can finally break out of this fashion funk I'm in. 
Let the tinsel fly!


Rosanna said...

love the last pic dan! it's very "cutie here" hahahaha

Kookie B. said...

I love the shoes! and the dress is so adorable!

yumyum said...

Where is CAB in Manila? :)

Miss Donata said...

i am loving the shoes!!!!


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Cab is located in Kapitolyo, Pasig. :)