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 On a whim, we decided to try out Max Brenner for dinner while we were in Greenbelt. We wanted to see if the bald man really meant business when he said that "chocolate is not just for dessert anymore."

the Suckao vat

 Artisan breads for sale in the adjoining store

Different variants of chocolate sponge balls

 Bread pudding

Mushroom Beef Burger (their best-seller)
D: I tend to order the safest items on the menu and this time, I'm absolutely glad I did so. This enormous burger was impossible to eat normally but the patty was worth the effort. I think the mushrooms helped tremendously in keeping the meat moist and juicy.The onion rings and fries were pretty lousy though so they remained untouched. Overall, I think the patty, the mozzarella and the bread held it together for a solid dish.

Max Brenner Chocolate Burger (caramelized onions in chocolate sauce)
P: This would have been ten times better if they only cooked the patty remotely well, meaning not burnt and not hard as a rock. It's hard to get past how awful the patty was. It was so thick which is usually a good thing, but not when you can't even slice it with a knife without exerting effort. Oh and the chocolate combination? Not the best in the world but interesting, I suppose. It was hard to enjoy anything else when the main component of the dish was ruined.

Chocolate chip cookies (P98 for 2)
These were nice and crumbly but were sorely lacking in chocolate chunks. Not bad, though.
  P&D TRY A D.I.Y.
A few days ago, we were both overcome by an intense need for S'mores. That's pretty hard to come by at one in the morning though so we improvised by raiding a few convenience stores in the village.
Our haul:  Mark's Mallows, Max Mallows (so imaginative with the names, guys), graham crackers, Meiji and Safari chocolate bars
We wanted to make some floats too so root beer and vanilla ice cream were in order.

 The general concept of S'mores is pretty simple but we needed to work out the details of assembling our version. We went with a marshmallow per square and a chocolate block on the other side.

We popped it into the microwave for 40 seconds...

The marshmallows ballooned to double their size so we needed to deflate them and smear them on the crackers. It would've been better if we snapped the crackers into individual squares since they're pretty hard to work with. Prepare to get messy!

There you have it! Our midnight treat turned out pretty well! Cheap, easy and delicious!


Ladawan said...

i'll try to do this, my kids will surely love it. Thanks for this post!

Gela said...

ooooh, will try those DIY smores sometime! :D

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