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Down South

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A long overdue post on our Northern Mindanao adventures by way of a photo diary

Saddle Ridge Ranch

A landscape of towering trees will make sure you wake up on the right side of the bed.

The two dashing male models of the ranch

Up bright and early to tarry with Asia's Longest Zip

Starting off with baby steps at the 320m and 150m lines, terrified nonetheless.

Time to take on the 840m line

The part where D hemmed and hawed and the technicians threatened to go on breakfast break if she didn't get harnessed in pronto
* Check out the video at the end of the post to see if she got on.

Massive Zorb at the top of a 150m downhill track

The "Zorbitero" strapping us in

It's all downhill from here. Nausea and screaming to follow. Good thing D opted out because this takes motion sickness to a whole other level.

Last adventure of the trip was a 3-hour "basic" white water rafting course in Cagayan de Oro. 
All strapped in and ready to go before boarding.

A rafting expert in a kayak was kind enough to document our sojourn. Out of 500 pics, this one encapsulated the thrills and spills of the ride.

Slightly bruised, quite sunburnt and fully exhausted, yet all smiles at the end of it.

P: Please try to ignore my womanly screams .What may appear to be bushes and talahib are actually the tops of those trees we saw earlier.

How was your long weekend/semestral break?
Hope you all had a blast!