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Beijing Foot Spa

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 A few weekends back, my mom asked P and I to accompany her to this new foot spa she read about that was near our place. Since she offered to foot the bill (pardon the pun), who were we to turn down a free foot rub?

The receiving area looks like someone's living room.
A bit of a mish mash but you're not here for the waiting room.
Their short and straightforward spa menu

A little bit gaudy, a little bit cheesy but what lies inside is the setting for the best foot spa I've ever experienced
You can book this room if you want to go with your friends or with a big family.

They had a room with exactly 3 chairs so it was perfect for our little group.
The seats were pretty comfortable and you can adjust everything (recline, the tv angle, etc) to your liking at anytime. If you aren't wearing shorts they have satin board shorts or skirts to lend you free of cost. 
We suggest you come in shorts to avoid the hassle though.

The personal screens are a good touch if you'd like to be entertained. 
I'm not sure if you can choose your own show though. 
We weren't given the option and it got really awkward when the movie shown had a few extremely racy scenes with matching sound that caused us all to shift uncomfortably.
The screens are really bright through so you should turn them off or away if you want to get lost in the massage.

D: They start off with a scalp massage which automatically calmed me down and sent us into la-la-land. While our scalp and necks were being tended to, our feet were soaking in foot baths.

They moved to our arms and shoulders and put these comfortably warm pillows under our necks and lower backs and let me tell you, the pillows were absolute bliss. They were also being sold at the counter for a very reasonable price.

I liked all the potions they used on us and I love how professional the ladies were. They always asked whether the pressure was okay and if the temperature was too hot for us. I'm usually extremely ticklish during foot spas which causes me to tense up but I didn't end up giggling uncontrollably with their massage. Another thing I really appreciated was how well they sanitized everything and how hygienic their processes were. I'm a stickler for that sort of thing so I would say that it was definitely worth every peso!

That's a look of satisfied relaxation right there. Some of the techniques they used took some getting used to (i.e. pounding your soles with wooden hammers) but they were surprisingly effective. It feels like an age because time moves slower in the relaxed, serene mood you're put in. The massage was perfect after a long day of schlepping about.

* Sorry for the poor picture quality!

Beijing Foot Spa
Silver City, 2F
(right above Starbucks)


Rosanna said...

i've been wanting to try this!!!