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Tatami + Muji

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 Last Saturday, we went to the Fort area to check out Muji and have dinner as well. 
We were set on going to Healthy Kitchen to have the salmon and blueberry rice dish, only to find out that they closed shop already! Bummer.
We decided to try out Tatami for some Japanese food instead.


These look nice but are incredibly uncomfortable. You have to sit perfectly erect the whole meal time.

It was so unbearable that we requested to transfer to the regular seats which worked out fine. 

Iced Japanese green tea with syrup on the side
D: I liked this, it had a clean and refreshing flavor. You definitely need the syrup to add some flavor though.
P: Bit on the bland side for me. Not enough green tea taste.


D: Sukiyaki is the only soup that I truly enjoy eating and I've sampled many versions, from the canteen fare to more authentic resto offerings. This was better than most! The soup was extra flavorful and the bowl looks deceivingly small and shallow. We had to have the rest wrapped up. The meat is also very tasty and soft.
P: The taste from the broth and the quality of the ingredients made for an excellent sukiyaki. I prefer my sukiyaki beef paper-thin so this was thicker than what I like.Otherwise, this is a hearty dish perfect for the rainy Saturday.
Gyudon with Angus rice
P: Again the beef was a little too thick for my taste but the sauce was fantastic! The rice was nice and sticky with the egg and sauce. I liked the sweet onions as well. Wouldn't mind enjoying this again.
D: I agree, the onions added a lot to this dish. Even though the rice was a bit sticky, it wasn't the clumpy kind that I hate so much. I would definitely order this again.

Miso soup
This came with the Gyudon. Good quality tofu and the soup was obviously not just an afterthought.
Tatami gets two thumbs up for its food and service!


P: Check out the GIANT shopping bag! You'd think we bought furniture or something. 
What's inside?

A briefcase / laptop bag!
I was going to settle for one of those bulky bags with the pockets and the padding to handle my computing monstrosity. When I found that this black number with the leather accents came in a big size, I had to have it.

  It's very clean and minimalist but not too "corporate freebie" looking. With a million compartments and a divider you can pull out, it's pretty versatile. It's unmistakably Muji.

 Topshop dress, F21 shoes
Little Lulu sniffing around on the left
 D: Unearthed this ancient Topshop dress from the back of my closet. 
I was feeling rather lazy and sleepy on that rainy Saturday evening and this was the most convenient thing to slip on. 
I had on a pile of rings on 6 fingers but I forgot to slip 'em back on and shoot them.
Oh and these F21 shoes are a dream to walk in. Good traction for stomping puddles and no painful corners cutting into the side of you feet! Check 'em out here.

My feather and wood earrings to keep it from getting too dreary


Gela said...

oh oh, i wanted to get those F21 shoes! but i've been on a self-imposed shopping ban. boo.

did Muji run out of shopping bags or something? haha. that plastic is ginormous!

also, now i'm craving Japanese food. :|

boat ride through the sky

Mee said...

Ooh an interesting place to try out :) I love your clogs, D!

Kookie B. said...

you look super cute, Dani! i love the clogs!

Mode Junkie said...

food post nanaman. ;) you´re killing me.
anyway, love love love muji. pinas gets all the cool stores now that i am gone. unfair. ;(

xoxo Mode Junkie