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Last October 11, we were invited to the fashion show of the newest brands carried by Fashion Forum in SM Makati. Here are some of the pics from the event.

The Prestige Lounge was turned into a makeshift boutique with all the dresses that were newly brought in.

Love the black top on the left!

Tons of bodycon dresses from Miss Couture

Lovely printed dresses with modest cuts that are a great departure from hoochie-mama styles

Interesting knot details in vibrant colors

The purple dress had a lovely swing to it.

Embellished blazer that caught everyone's eye

P and I were with Hanna and Rosanna of Little Miss Dress Up and we decided to check out the shoe section of the department store while we were there. Parisian is the best for cheap yet funky finds!

Dolce Vita clogs for around P4k.

Miss Couture black cape


chambray button-down, Zara trousers and brogues, striped bowtie
A big thank you to my friend Chino for bringing me home great bowties from London. I think it complements the shirt well by allowing it to show the piping on the placket and the black buttons. Previously, I'd hesitate to wear a tie with this at work because it covered up all the details. The textured fabric of the bow really ties up the prepster look, as well (pun intended haha).
vintage sheath, slip dress, grandma's earrings, vintage dress cincher (?)
D: Got this sheer salmon sheath while thrifting. It's a vintage Italian brand with glorious details that can't be seen in the photo. It's shapeless so I made a pseudo-dart using this clincher that a got a long time ago.

 New pair of shoes that I scored from local shoe store. I love the gold print on the rough, white leather! It's actually a lot higher than it looks in the photo and I was teetering the whole time but it's pretty comfortable, all things considered!


Abbie♥ said...

i love the parisian shoes!!! also the clogs ~ they are beautiful.♥


excSHOESme said...

your shoes are pretty. i love it. can i post the pic in my blog? can i ask from which local shoe store? :) thanks

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

that's the shoe kookie had her eyes on!:) it's so pretty. what shoe store did you buy it from? and it was nice meeting you in person dani!:) hope to bump into you again soon:)

Gela said...

woah, those heels are gorgeous, D!! and i really love that cincher on your dress! the whole look is perfect, actually, & you look so pretty. :)

also, i love the bowtie on P!

boat ride through the sky

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks everyone! The shoes are from Janilyn. The clincher is from a store in Galleria that sells stuff from Japan. I forgot the the name but if you want to check it out, it's in front of Sushiya (how appropriate haha).

pinky said...

Wow! Those shoes are pretty! And you wore the dress very well.

I love your blog! I'm adding this to my links <3 Feel free to drop by as well.


Lloyda said...

love the all the shoes!!!

iamjillyace said...

the shoes are to die for, so nice! :)