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Food Finds: Simply Sweet

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We ended up packing up at 9:30 pm during the First Dibs bazaar.
Sheer exhaustion forced us to stay in and just order some fast food for our very late dinner.
Luckily, our dessert was much more special than the meal itself.

Here are the treats we gobbled up from Simply Sweet.

Petit Fortunes
Box of 12 at P220

Yummy macaroons made of cashew
P: These aren't too sweet so they should go well for after-dinner coffee or afternoon tea. They're really soft and moist.Our little brothers can vouch for them too.

Lacy Cookies
Box of 8 at P230

Crisp oatmeal confections sandwiched with dark chocolate filling
D: Yum! The cookies were crisp on the outside but had a chewy bite to it. It also had that sweet-salty flavor combination that I love!
P: Unlike other oatmeal cookies, these weren't hard at all. Nice mix of textures and flavors, my favorite of the bunch.

Cake Truffles
Assorted box of 12 at P250

Swiss Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Lemon
D: My favorites were the Swiss chocolate and the lemon. The cake was so moist and rich and the chocolate made the treat even more decadent. So good!
P: Definitely the Swiss chocolate for me too. It's so rich that one or two pieces are enough for a satisfying dessert already!

Shady Chronicles recommends...

Simply Sweet
Mobile: 0905 3169445
Email: simplysweetco@yahoo.com
*Orders must be placed three days in advance.


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dred said...

wow i'm drooling over those right now. LOL


Kookie B. said...

yes, i am drooling over the macaroons and truffles too!!!

Lloyda said...

oh my! yumyumyum! i'm drooling.