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Sights and Sounds of Northern Mindanao

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Over the long weekend, we went on a different kind of adventure in the region of Northern Mindanao.
Random place, you say? Well, we were surprised to discover just how action-packed their tourist offerings were. This long weekend, we got to enjoy the laid-back provincial pace and the adrenaline rush of all things thrilling and adventurous.
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We started off with a visit to the Ostrich and Crocodile Farm in Cagayan de Oro and stared down these quirky birds in the eye.
The crocs, not so much.

  The meat from these birds go for P700 a kilo because of the optimum health benefits they provide.
P: I really wanted to try some of the meat but it was only available fresh and in large quantities. They only sell eggs as decorations too, not to go with your breakfast.

Worst case of chicken skin we've ever seen. We actually saw one do its business as it was happening, which we didn't expect to be as gross and visceral as it was.

Kind of strange to feature just ostriches and crocodiles. We were debating whether they fed these crocs the ostriches or the goats that freely roamed around.
Not one croc moved a muscle the entire time we were there. The one on the upper left remained absolutely still with his mouth gaping wide. So weird...

Look at the adorable little piggy! Check out the folds in his legs! 

A gorgeous croc skin men's wallet
The workmanship and stitching were so beautiful! 

 D: I wanted this ostrich skin wallet so bad! 
It smelled so nice and the leather was sooo supple and rich. It was also masterfully done. 
I regret hesitating and I should have just grabbed it when I had the chance.
Oh well, at least the ostriches still like me.

More Mindanao adventures in the upcoming posts!