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Better Late than Never

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P: H&M tie, Bangkok shirt, Topman belt and pants, Pedro shoes
Decided to try out this military tuck that I've been seeing on street style blogs. I find that it reduces the stuffiness of wearing a tie, while still keeping you a notch above casual.

D: F21 top and earrings, Vivienne Tam velvet skirt, Dsquared heels, vintage clutch
Picked up this top from Forever 21 a while back but I only got to use it recently. I find the floral print in a subtle old rose color so charming, coupled with the bell sleeves. The skirt is so easy to throw on for dressier occasions. I've been loving the look of velvet lately, despite its matronic sensibility. Too bad the unusually warm (for this time of the year) weather isn't going to permit a lot of velvet-wearing.
Gold Dot ring filigree ring, vintage rose ring, vintage silver ball ring, H&M snake ring, vintage gold and black ring
Got to use my heels again! I really need to start wearing these more often to achieve an acceptable cost-per-wear ratio.
I love the heel detail when the light shines through the translucent material.
Really quickly, I just wanted to feature my new make-up staple. I know it's quite annoying to showcase something that isn't available for purchase in the country but if this piques your interest, perhaps ordering online or through a friend is a viable option.
Picked up this handy Fred Farrugia cosmetic kit in Sephora a few months ago. You can actually mix and match the components to your preference. The layers stack on top of one another with snaps and magnets so they stay put pretty well. They have a vast range of eye shadows, lipsticks, and blush to choose from so you can customize your kit as you please.
I picked out this hot pink lipstick one side is semi-matte lip cream and the other side is matte lip powder which tidies up the look of the bright lip. Underneath it is the best bronzer I have ever used in my entire life. It seriously looks like you have an actual tan without the shimmer that I can't stand. 


Yna Amores said...

Quirky skirt!!! Love that! It's so vintage and stylish reminds me of the old days:)

mestizay said...

awesome shoes!so pretty!

sittie rainie limba said...

Hello there! am starting to love your blog, you’re so pretty =)) weeeee I love all fashion blogger.. you're such an inspiration. following you already! Hope you will follow my humble blog too..and hope to see more of your post =))


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thank you for your kind words, everyone! :)