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Bits and Pieces of Film

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  Hello everyone! Just a random post coming up while we try to generate some new content for the blog. As of late, we've both been itching to go on a holiday and travel somewhere new. To help satiate the "cabin fever," we ended up rifling through some photos from our last big trip. We bought a cheap-o Kodak film camera (P500!) and a few rolls of film and just shot random things that caught our eye. It was actually kind of tricky trying to set up the film in the compartment of the camera. Haven't used one of these since grade school!
Bored at the Brussels train station
This side goes towards Gent
This one to Antwerp
Hats are a pain in the butt to pack!
Windy day in Belgium
Antwerpen train stop
Bike-lined Amsterdam street
Dam Square
D and P's thumb - the hassles of the lack of an LCD screen
One of the many canals
Pont Alexandre, Paris
Petit Palais, Paris
Jardin des Tuileries, we love.
endless French farmland
The lovely city of Lyon
Post-train station stress via free upgrades
Mugging for the camera at The Apollo
London bustle
A London beauty parlor on the left
Tourist stop
Shopping stop with LittleMissR
Death by shopping
View of Oxford St. from Urban Outfitters 2nd floor


Anonymous said...

awesome pictures! and yes! hats are really hard to pack!

toni perfumed red shoes

Tutti said...

nice pics. i googled chatuchak market on google and i found ur blog. i miss thailand....