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Are you all psyched yet for this Friday's event?
 I know I am! Unfortunately, we'll be coming in late afternoon because we have our day jobs to attend to.
I thought I'd jump in the "sneak peek" bandwagon.
Took a few, quick photos of some things I'll be putting up for sale.

 Good as new patent oxfords from Repetto!!

 Really desperate for some additional closet and shoe cabinet space so I'll be happy to part with these for a pittance. Rosanna and I will be selling some vintage overstock from Looking for Lola as well, so be sure to mosey on over to our booth!


P and I decided to experiment a little with bits and pieces of fabric we purchased. 
Below are the results of our experiment.

 D: I've always been a fan of the Peter Pan collar and sometimes, found myself wishing that I could spiff up a basic tee with a cute collar. What I've come up with is by no means ground-breaking or avant garde, just a cutesy little addition that's nice to have around!
(detachable collars in red, mustard, crisp white, black, cobalt blue, and gray)
P: Past the age of 7-8, a kid is expected to be able to tie his own shoe laces, right? Well, I think a gentleman should be able to do the same with a necktie AND bow tie. They just add something extra that a clip-on does not. I always enjoy taking that extra step because it's worth it.
(neckties and bow ties in pale pink, blue gingham, and deep red)

All of these neck goodies will be up for sale at the bazaar as well (on the cheap!).
Post a comment or e-mail us for any queries. See you all there!

Think Pink

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D: I love me some great nail polish! I think nail color ties up an outfit perfectly and I feel naked without some color on my fingertips. Upon reading an entry from the polish expert, I ended up visiting the newly-opened Tony Moly store in SM Fairview. Yes, Fairview. That's crazy far from where I live but I figured I was up for an adventure.

 It turns out that they carry much more than just nail polish! They have all sorts of make-up and creams in cool packaging, like a milk tea and coffee moisturizer that you mix up yourself. Cool beans!

This is what I ended up buying. The snake skin crackle polish isn't available yet in the Philippines so I settled for a bubblegum pink, a concrete gray, and a pale lavender.


thrifted Playlord button-down, dept. store khakis and Mark R deck shoes
The shirt is one of my favorite vintage finds. You can't quite see it from the picture but it's got micro checks made with blue, pink and red pencil lines. It's nice to keep bright while the weather's gloomy.

The casual look haha. Sorry for posing like a douche!

vintage Danskin leotard, vintage skirt, F21 shoes

Some people aren't fond of red and pink together, but I think it works!

I'm so glad my mom kept her neon aerobics leotards from the 80's-90's! 
Now I can use them with anything BUT cycling shorts!

Beat the Heat

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Lately, the blistering heat has us rushing from one air-conditioned location to the next. In between the time it took us to get from Pasig to Rockwell, P decided to make a quick pit stop at this Korean mini-mart to buy some yummy popsicles to cool us down.


E-Pyenham Mart 
located on Pioneer St., a few blocks away from HMR and Persiana

Their shelves were packed with interesting snacks that the saleslady helpfully translated for us.

Meiji choco snacks on the top shelf

Their chillers were also well-stocked with cute, mini bottles of coffee, tea, and soda.

Banana flavored milk!

But we made a beeline straight to the freezers!
Yummy MELONA and some other variants that we need to come back for

They also had some tempting ice cream sandwiches for sale, like that one with the fish image!

Some soda pop flavored ice candy, like the ones we used to put in the freezer when we were kids.

The Pangtoa Choco Chiffon 
P: This one's pretty good. The "bread" part of the sandwich is like a cake so it's extra delicious.

In the end, we settled for Melona in strawberry and a red bean popsicle.
They were only P30 each!

P: Melona has some of the best popsicles around. The feature that sets it apart is that the popsicle is more like chewy ice cream than an ice pop. Fruity goodness!

D: Mine was scrumptious! You know how the red bean/monggo ice pops they sell here only have the actual bean just at the top? Well this had generous proportions of beans and this smooth, creamy flavor that wasn't too sickly sweet. I can't wait to buy this again!

21Men cargo pants
Bringing something different to the table with cargo pants. They're just this side of slim so they're not 90's drab but they still manage to keep you relaxed and slouchy.

vintage top, SM gray tassel belt and bangle, F21 peach cut-offs, Gold Dot wedges
Three of my current favorite things:
1. This vint top from LittleMissR is perfect for summer! Bright colors + light fabric=apropos
2. This tassel belt that I got for only P250 from SM. I love wrapping it around loose shirts or dresses and even stringing it through jeans and shoes. I think they add a fun touch.
3. These GD wedges are crazy comfy and go with just about anything!

Speaking of Rosanna, she was kind enough to give our little blog a cool make-over!
Bet you didn't know that she has mad skills when it comes to all things tech-y.
If you would like a blog that's as fashionable as you are, then send her an email at thesansinator@gmail.com.
You're sure to get a spiffed-up blog!

Stay cool, everyone! Have a great week!

Shorts and Stripes

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 Bkk shirt, F&H shorts, Topman belt, Zara shoes

I used to be very much averse to the thought of denim shorts, but seeing how it could be worn with the right fit, I thought it was high time for me to try on a pair. Since I wasn't too confident with the trend, I was lucky to find a really affordable (on sale) pair in Folded & Hung.

The legs have a slim and not too snug fit, while it gets slouchy by the butt. A pair that's too tight would be a mistake but this one's just right. It's great for hot weather while still having the versatility of a pair of jeans.

 There Goes Jackie shirt, thrifted shorts, Matthews shoes

 I helped my friend, Rosanna out with a shoot for There Goes Jackie, an online shop that sells casual, wearable and affordable clothes. This shirt was something I scored from the shoot. All the cut-outs provide convenient air vents for the blistering heat we've been having! I especially love the long back.

We're super excited to be part of this event! Don't forget to stop by on May 27 at the Malayan Plaza Hotel to score some finds from your favorite bloggers! 

D: Rosanna and I are sharing and booth! We'll be hauling in some Looking for Lola stock along with items from our personal closets. Everything will be sold at absolute rock-bottom prices! I'm gonna be hauling in a lot of shoes, including an unused pair of Repetto patent black oxford heels!
You definitely need to come by to check out the goods, plus it's for such a great cause. :)

Sweet Secrets

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 While strolling through Podium a few weekends back, we noticed a bunch of tables set up in the middle of nowhere. The cookies, cakes, and other desserts displayed on them beckoned us to come closer.

 This cookie with a large growth, if you will, caught our eye. The woman manning the table told us, with a knowing smile, that it was
an Oreo embedded in a chunky chocolate chip cookie.
 So we oohed and ahhed and snapped one up to take home and sample.

 This is what it looks like split in half. 
The verdict? The cookie itself is soft, chewy, and delicious! The stuff that sugar dreams are made of. However, we are highly doubtful that what was embedded was an actual Oreo. It didn't look or taste like and Oreo at all so that was a bit of a disappointment. If there's a next time, we would probably just get a regular chocolate chip cookie, hold the non-Oreo please.

 See for yourself! 

At the lowest level of SM Megamall, we spotted this store beside Tokyo Milk Tea Place (home of awesome milk tea shakes!).
Doesn't the name pique your curiosity?

We're sure most of you are familiar with Beard Papa. This store basically carries the same fare, creampuffs!
You can choose from the flavors they already offer or opt to personalize your own puffs.

 They also offer pizza and gelato, for when puff pastries aren't quite cutting it.

 We didn't get to sample their pizza, but the sure looked good on the counter! These looked really thin, soft and appetizing. 

Chewy Juniors fresh off the oven:

We got the box-of-3 to sample. From left to right: Chocolate, Original, Cheese.

A look inside the original puff. The dough was flavorful and (of course) chewy. The best filling award goes to the chocolate version while the cheese didn't quite cut it for me. The filling takes the flavor of the topping as well. They don't quite replace doughnuts but they're a pretty good alternative snack. I'd definitely go back to try the other sweet varieties.