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Are you all psyched yet for this Friday's event?
 I know I am! Unfortunately, we'll be coming in late afternoon because we have our day jobs to attend to.
I thought I'd jump in the "sneak peek" bandwagon.
Took a few, quick photos of some things I'll be putting up for sale.

 Good as new patent oxfords from Repetto!!

 Really desperate for some additional closet and shoe cabinet space so I'll be happy to part with these for a pittance. Rosanna and I will be selling some vintage overstock from Looking for Lola as well, so be sure to mosey on over to our booth!


P and I decided to experiment a little with bits and pieces of fabric we purchased. 
Below are the results of our experiment.

 D: I've always been a fan of the Peter Pan collar and sometimes, found myself wishing that I could spiff up a basic tee with a cute collar. What I've come up with is by no means ground-breaking or avant garde, just a cutesy little addition that's nice to have around!
(detachable collars in red, mustard, crisp white, black, cobalt blue, and gray)
P: Past the age of 7-8, a kid is expected to be able to tie his own shoe laces, right? Well, I think a gentleman should be able to do the same with a necktie AND bow tie. They just add something extra that a clip-on does not. I always enjoy taking that extra step because it's worth it.
(neckties and bow ties in pale pink, blue gingham, and deep red)

All of these neck goodies will be up for sale at the bazaar as well (on the cheap!).
Post a comment or e-mail us for any queries. See you all there!


fashioneggpplant said...

omg, im so broke but i already see so many things that i want! :(

ps. Having a Satchel Clutch etc giveaway, you might want to check it out.

mestizay said...

OMG!what a coincidence! I made a DIY peterpan collar but it doesnt look as decent as those though.haha am definitely buying one from you.

Denise said...

I saw these cutesy collars on BU!Saad that I wasn't able to meet you there! :)

wickeRmoss said...

hi there! wondering if the items in pic 1 & 2 are still avail? i was handling the reg booth at the BU the whole day, didn't get time to shop ,sad...

appreciate response!


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Hi! Only the Repettos are available because I stupidly forgot to bring them with me to the bazaar! I'll be taking proper photos soon to post on the blog! :)