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D: I love me some great nail polish! I think nail color ties up an outfit perfectly and I feel naked without some color on my fingertips. Upon reading an entry from the polish expert, I ended up visiting the newly-opened Tony Moly store in SM Fairview. Yes, Fairview. That's crazy far from where I live but I figured I was up for an adventure.

 It turns out that they carry much more than just nail polish! They have all sorts of make-up and creams in cool packaging, like a milk tea and coffee moisturizer that you mix up yourself. Cool beans!

This is what I ended up buying. The snake skin crackle polish isn't available yet in the Philippines so I settled for a bubblegum pink, a concrete gray, and a pale lavender.


thrifted Playlord button-down, dept. store khakis and Mark R deck shoes
The shirt is one of my favorite vintage finds. You can't quite see it from the picture but it's got micro checks made with blue, pink and red pencil lines. It's nice to keep bright while the weather's gloomy.

The casual look haha. Sorry for posing like a douche!

vintage Danskin leotard, vintage skirt, F21 shoes

Some people aren't fond of red and pink together, but I think it works!

I'm so glad my mom kept her neon aerobics leotards from the 80's-90's! 
Now I can use them with anything BUT cycling shorts!


sippinslow said...

there's crackle polish called Elena available at Landmark. P200. and it's "environmental" daw lol

love the skirt :)

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Oooh really? I gotta check that out! Thanks for the heads-up! :)

aerin said...

Hi, I really like the collars. Do you still have any for sale?