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Sweet Secrets

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 While strolling through Podium a few weekends back, we noticed a bunch of tables set up in the middle of nowhere. The cookies, cakes, and other desserts displayed on them beckoned us to come closer.

 This cookie with a large growth, if you will, caught our eye. The woman manning the table told us, with a knowing smile, that it was
an Oreo embedded in a chunky chocolate chip cookie.
 So we oohed and ahhed and snapped one up to take home and sample.

 This is what it looks like split in half. 
The verdict? The cookie itself is soft, chewy, and delicious! The stuff that sugar dreams are made of. However, we are highly doubtful that what was embedded was an actual Oreo. It didn't look or taste like and Oreo at all so that was a bit of a disappointment. If there's a next time, we would probably just get a regular chocolate chip cookie, hold the non-Oreo please.

 See for yourself! 

At the lowest level of SM Megamall, we spotted this store beside Tokyo Milk Tea Place (home of awesome milk tea shakes!).
Doesn't the name pique your curiosity?

We're sure most of you are familiar with Beard Papa. This store basically carries the same fare, creampuffs!
You can choose from the flavors they already offer or opt to personalize your own puffs.

 They also offer pizza and gelato, for when puff pastries aren't quite cutting it.

 We didn't get to sample their pizza, but the sure looked good on the counter! These looked really thin, soft and appetizing. 

Chewy Juniors fresh off the oven:

We got the box-of-3 to sample. From left to right: Chocolate, Original, Cheese.

A look inside the original puff. The dough was flavorful and (of course) chewy. The best filling award goes to the chocolate version while the cheese didn't quite cut it for me. The filling takes the flavor of the topping as well. They don't quite replace doughnuts but they're a pretty good alternative snack. I'd definitely go back to try the other sweet varieties.


Rosanna said...

oooh those look good! i'll try it next time!

fashioneggpplant said...

you got me craving real bad!

Manila Girl said...

The Chewy Juniors looks REALLY really good! I have to get The BF and me some of those.

Too bad about the non-Oreo, and the false advertising is kind of weird.. I mean, even Oreos are faked now?