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At January's End

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We decided to explore the places at Burgos Circle and finally ended up at Jozu Kin, a Japanese restaurant.
 Dark and cool interiors

Complimentary kani spoons
P: The Japanese mayo on this really brought something different.

Staple Sukiyaki
D: Yum! I love their version of my favorite soup. I liked this better than the one in Serendra.
P: This was hearty, sweet and savory. The characteristic combination for a good sukiyaki. The tofu, noodles and beef were all good quality as well.

Japanese fried rice
P: This was pretty tasty. I liked the big bits of sweet onion

Chicken and mushroom ragout
P: This looks great and is one of their best-sellers but it turned out a little bitter. Good combination of mushrooms with the tomato sauce.

After dinner, we decided to check out Bar Dolci next door. Their display of gelato and macaroons was so enticing! We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

4+1 free promo for the macaroons!
Our picks: Lemon Curd, Chocolate Caramel. Blueberry Cheesecake, Pistachio, and Green Tea
D: The green tea was the clear favorite for me!
P: I liked the chocolate caramel and the pistachio.

Thai Tea Gelato (Sorry for the blurry photo!)
D: We had this in Bangkok awhile back and this version was just as good. 
You can see that it's quite the hit since the bin was nearly wiped out!
P: Agreed with D on the Thai Tea but I'm raring to have the salted caramel and the pistachio that I sampled that night.


 Dean&Trent cardigan,Topman jeans and shoes

P: I'm really digging the lolo vibes of the shawl collar and the print. It's perfect for the chilly weather outside and in the air-conditioned office. I also stole my little brother's Topman chukka-sneakers. It's that cross between a desert boot and a high top sneaker that we've been seeing a lot of these days.

cardigan from Hong Kong, random tank top, F21 skirt, Minnetonka Thunderbird moccasins  

 Too lazy to wear heels today. Besides, these moccasins are too comfy to pass up. I thought I'd have a little fun with a bunch of crazy prints thrown together!
Love my new ring from Gold Dot!
The skirt has a nice ethnic pattern and an even nicer price tag of P400-something from the F21 sale.

This cardigan is such a pain to launder because of the tiny bead embellishments.
I don't like using it too much because it seems more prone to wear and tear but aren't the skulls fun?


I never liked working with glitter when it comes to school projects but I love the dimension they give your nails! Here are two of my newest bottles! 
China Glaze something and Orly in Tiara

 (with flash)
I bought the China Glaze bottle at a Rockwell bazaar and the Orly from Pure Beauty in Serendra.

I was also ecstatic to score the glitter polish to end all glitter polishes!! 
Deborah Lippman in Happy Birthday

I can't wait to embellish my fingertips with chunky glitters!!
Now all I have to do is find the perfect base coat...


Kookie B. said...

Ack! I want the Happy Birthday too! Where did you get it? And can I just say, you look so adorable here!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks, Kookie! Got it from Rustans. :)

Gela said...

your skull cardigan is too amazing, Dani! :D

boat ride through the sky

Raya said...

great outfit! loving the rings:))