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 Striped green button-down from Dean & Trent, Topman woven belt, old stuff
I love sale season. I always find one or two pieces that I can immediately snap up at bargain prices. The shirt and the belt here are the fruits of following D around while she scours the malls. I like the apple green strips and the peter pan collar on this shirt. Green is a color I don't use often so this is a good change.

I'd been looking for a durable woven belt because all my leather ones are worn out already. This one from Topman has a very versatile shade and is likely to see a lot of use.

my brother's shirt, F21 shorts, Janilyn shoes, random accessories
Got this flippy pair of shorts from F21 a while back. The tag said that they're made from some environment-friendly material. I already love the pleating so that was a nice bonus.
My little brother's shirt was almost perfect save for the fact that i doesn't nip in where a girl's shirt normally would. 

New wedges that I got for 10% off! The inner part of the shoe is made from leather so it's pretty comfortable but the foot bed needs some work. You need to put in strips of cork to cushion your feet. 
I love the pop of red on the sole ala Louboutin!

Last Saturday, we had dinner at Serendra with D's family. After much time deciding and declining to wait at a couple of packed joints, we settled on Zao, a Vietnamese resto beside Mamou. It looks new but it already looked like it attracts a lot of traffic.

Started off with crispy spring rolls which you wrap in the lettuce and dip in vinegar.
The rolls had mushrooms and ground pork and shrimp. Really good!

Had the house fried rice with salted egg and fish. This was popular and went away really fast. Our group of five had to order two servings of this!

Caramelized garlic prawns
Looks like a lot but the garlic was not overpowering. It found its way to a most of the other dishes we had that night as well. The prawns were well-cooked but a bit hard to shell.

Honey-glazed tenderloin
This was super soft and flavorful. The meat was so easy to cut into.

So by now, you've noticed that they serve everything  on top of a bed of lettuce and an assortment of other vegetables. This tofu dish (forgot the exact name) was phenomenal! D's mom ordered it to balance all the meat and it turned out to be quite the surprise hit.

The last dish was the crispy catfish for D's dad's health and well-being! It was pretty good as well. The flesh was really flavorful, soft, and went very well with sauce. You could really tell that it was fresh!

All in all, Zao was a dining success! It showcased more of Vietnamese cuisine than just your run-of-the-mill pho restaurant. Two thumbs up!


ynaamores said...

I love your wedges soo much!

ynaamores said...

I love your wedges so much!