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Prom Throwback

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D: Last Saturday, P and I took my little brother to get his suit made for prom.
I can't believe it's his turn to go to prom! 
I seriously feel so old, too old! Lola vibes!
Anyway, I digress.

First, we went to this tailor in the village who's been in business since forever.

He had a nice, cushy atelier with a ton of swatches.

 and stacks of GQ for reference. The really nice atelier came with a high price though!
D: I never knew menswear could run that steep! I guess I still have to fine-tune my eye in looking at the details of menswear. P taught me a lot about lapels, vents, etc today!
P: The place was a bit too pricey for our needs. D's brother will probably grow out of the suit in a couple of years so we had to stick to a budget.

 D: My brother was rolling with a high school kid's budget (aka my mom's wallet) so we decided to go to P's super trusty, awesome tailor in good, old Kamuning!
P: This is the place to go for bespoke clothes on the cheap, you can buy good quality wool for a suit or even just for slacks. Prices range around P800-1000 per yard and my size (5'10) would require 3.5 yards.

 Even more swatches!

D: Boys have it easy. Everything is blue, black, brown, or gray. I started planning my prom dress months before the actual prom. My brother is cramming it in less than a month!
P: Color's just one of many details you can decide on!

P: Vito ended up choosing a metallic grey Italian wool roll. We recommended a grey suit because it's the most versatile. While you should have a black one, it feels too severe for a lot of occasions.
D:  He needed just 3.25 yards. Good thing he's so skinny!

D: Here he is being measured by trusty Mr. J. Habana.

P: His final sketch and measurements. We specified details from the lapel to the cuffs and vents. Fitting is in a week's time plus another week for the finished product.

After Kamuning, our trio headed off to Cubao X to chow on some Bellini's and check out one of our favorite shoe shops in the area.

 Creepers, saddle shoes, and cowboy boots

P: You can get a lot of inspiration from looking at all the vintage pieces.

Ceiling and wall of Bellini's

Pizza Mediterranea

 Tartufo risotto
D: My absolute favorite risotto ever!
P: It looks really simple but it packs so much flavor.

 Solefish in lemon butter sauce
D: This went really well with the risotto. The tanginess of the sauce with the richness of the tartufo.

Here are some of the other interesting things we spotted while strolling around the area.

 D: I love all the mens shoes at Mark R, especially their amaretto line! I wish they carried women's sizes.
This is actually where I had my first pair of bespoke brogues made.The people who work here are super accommodating!
P: Planning to get a pair of loafers soon!

 D: It took me forever to decide between 2 pairs I was eyeing! I'll show you what I picked out in the the next post or so. It was my lucky day because everything in the store was 10% off in honor of the owner's birthday.

 D: Loved these nude patent leather pumps! The full stop detail at the toe looked fabulous!

 Cute eco bag that came with my shoe purchase

Topshop top, F21 peach cut-offs and desert boots
Schlepping it in my favorite muscle tee and boots

These are beyond comfy! I love the minimal sole and the creases it gets on the vamp with each wear.
The color is right on the money as well.

What a fun and productive Saturday!


pdg said...

I hope you bought the flask pao!

If you didn't how much was it? And do you think it's still there? haha!