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Sing Hainanese Chicken House is a newly-opened restaurant in Shangri-la Plaza.
It's right next to the cinema so we decided to give it a go after seeing the movie, "The Tourist."
Note that they were in a soft opening phase when we dined there.

Simple and straightforward menu
The Hainanese Toppings has 120g of chicken, while the Hainanese Single has 170g of chicken.

The kitchen is exposed so you can watch them prepare your food.

They really were on soft opening. The glass panels still needed to be set up and the floor was quite dirty and streaked with mud.

Here are our 2 "single" orders of Hainanese chicken.

D: The rice was nice and fluffy but it lacked the taste of stock and didn't look as "shiny (?)" or greasy as the ones you would normally get in Singapore.
P: The rice is a big part of the dish for me and this just didn't cut it. It didn't taste like they cooked it in the broth.

D: The servings seemed pretty generous as we had a lot of chicken left over from the meal. 
The ginger didn't seem fresh and the soy sauce wasn't sweet enough for my liking though.
P: D's right on the ginger, although the sauces mixed together with the rice and chicken made for a pretty decent bite.

D: I appreciated how moist and tender the chicken was.
P: Overall, I think the Hainanese chicken we featured from Nasi Lemak tasted much better. Can't wait to try Wee Nam Kee, hopefully soon.


Good thing we went shopping today so I can update my wardrobe. I was feeling uninspired so I borrowed one of my little brother's shirts and wore my usual things.

  P: Here's D with her background shots haha. No idea where the shirt's from (there's no brand). I do like the trim with the contrast but the fit is strange at the midsection (too much fabric).

 SM top-faux dress, vintage belt
D: This sort of reminds me of a mohawk, business in front and party in the back.
I like how the neutral taupe color is picked up by an interesting shape.

 You definitely have to wear a pair of shorts underneath this or else you run the risk of looking like you're up for a different, really wild kind of party.

 For a pop of color, I broke out an old pair of hot pink pumps from Hong Kong. 
I love the chunky wooden heel!

 The furry strip on top is actually a cuff. Remember those snap bracelets we had when we were kids? The ones which we would slap over our wrists and then it would coil around? Well, this is a fancy-schmancy version I got from one of my students. Too cute!


Melai said...

love your outfit dani! :) fabulous :) love the snap bracelet! sosyal!

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