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Shoe Exchange

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A mid-week treat for P and D...


Wish a new pair of shoes would greet me every time I came home from work!

I saw this pair in our last visit to Cubao Expo and I knew that it just wouldn't feel right not to get them.

I've been wanting to get a pair of oxblood oxfords (wordplay!) with a fringe and tassels for the longest time. I found these at Mark R, the purveyors of fine leather oxfords and boat shoes made in good old Marikina.

The foot bed of the shoe is so plush! It feels like you're walking on pillows. 
Can't wait to pair these with shorts, chinos slacks, and on and on...


 Dear World, 
I don't really like the idea of getting older and having to deal with the effects of gravity

 but if every year, on the month of February, I receive a box in a box
(and hopefully more luxe boxes as the years go by)
 with heart-stopping shoes inside them,

 from a very sweet and nice boy,

 then I think I'm willing to reconsider this whole birthday fiasco.

Yup, I'm pretty sure turning 23 won't be sooo bad after all.

 Jeffrey Campbell Salvatore
Thank you for my very early birthday present, P! :)


Rosanna said...

i want a boyfriend that gives me shoes too. huhuhu

Kookie B. said...

those shoes are ultra-cute! how much was the shipping? and was your boyfriend charged by Customs?

ynaamores said...

OMG those are really cute shoes! You're so lucky!

Gela said...

daaaaamn girl, your shoes!!!! <3 and i actually want my own pair of P's oxfords. haha

boat ride through the sky

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Sans: Soon enough!

Kookie: Shipping was around P1k. And yeah, Customs charged him! Super hassle! :(

Yna: Thank you! :)

Gela: Thanks! I think they do special orders of men's styles in women's sizes. They were able to do it for me before. :)

Kookie B. said...

How much did Customs charge him?

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

I'm not sure how the compute for the charge (by weight or price) but this pair was around 3k. Hope that helps!

- Paolo