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Saturday at the Salcedo Market

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After receiving a text message from our friend, Maina, inviting us to lunch at the Salcedo Market, we were all pumped up for a gastronomically exciting afternoon.
If you haven't been to this open-air market, expect to find an assortment ranging from fresh seasonal produce and meat, ready-to-eat meals, desserts, and some random non-food items. It's an interesting mix as almost all continents' cuisines are represented.
Baked goodies from Joan & Jane
 Absolutely delicious brownie pudding for only P150. It's got big brownie chunks immersed in a deliciously smooth flan. We couldn't resist grabbing this delectably sinful dessert.
 Lasagna mania! Look at all this sinful goodness! This stall has all the options with different meats, cheeses and veggies.
 The much-talked about Azuthai stall offering your standard Thai classics
 We loved their Pad Thai and Thai Milk Tea! The Pad Thai had a generous amount of shrimp and a very fresh flavor, not bland at all! The Thai Milk Tea really hit the spot on that hot summer day.
Whole, deep-fried frogs, catering to the more adventurous diner.
We were drawn to this stall by the smells emanating off their hot pan. They serve shawarmas with a choice of lamb, chicken, or Wagyu beef.
The Wagyu shawarma was well worth the 200 bucks we paid for it. The meat is a little fattier than normal beef, as expected, but it really bursts with juicy flavor. It's a fantastic upgrade to the ubiquitous wrap.
Maina's Wagyu burger, with all the trimmings and almost oozing with the good stuff. Obviously, the market offers a lot specialty meats you can eat right at the center tables or to cook at home for Sunday lunch.
Of course, we had to finish off our scrumptious meal with a cold treat to beat the sweltering heat.
We had a cup of homemade earl grey tea ice cream from Merry Moo.We're really suckers for tea-flavored desserts and this one did not disappoint in the least. The texture, consistency and flavor make for a think and rich combination.
Make sure to bring some UV protection. It gets pretty hot and there aren't a lot of stalls selling drinks.
 Here are two of my favorite girls, Donna and Maina! We seemed to be in the mood for black and white/tribal that day.
Check out the Salcedo Community Market every Saturday along L.P. Leviste in Makati.
P: Vintage shades, BKK shirt, Jay Jays shorts, and Office huaraches
My bros got me this sweet pair of shorts from their trip to Australia. It sits perfectly at home in that zone between the beach and urban schlepping. I will be overusing these for the rest of summer.
D: SM top, jones+jones mini, Topshop plimsolls, H&M backpack, Bubbles spiked headband
Dressing for the heat always means raised hemlines and loose fabrics. This time I went for both and also became a trend victim of sorts in tribal print and neon. Yep, pretty standard blogger fare minus the soaring heels which I deemed inappropriate for the market. 

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