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PFW 2012: SM Ladies Wear

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The second show we watched during fashion week was for SM Ladies' Wear. It was another much-anticipated show and was quite well-attended. In fact, we even ran into Aisa, Sarah, Ana, and  a ton of other bloggers who were all dressed to the nines. Here's my lazy post-preschool outfit!
I bought this Topshop dress during one of the sales this year. It's not in a shape that I usually wear but I kind of gravitated toward it anyway. It's the combination of the magnified print and modest fit (balanced out with a slightly higher hemline courtesy of the seamstress).
 Topshop dress,  Dsquared heels, vintage clutch
I didn't really bother with bold accessories since a) we were running late and b) the screaming florals seemed sufficient.
Just threw on my favorite heels and grabbed my grandma's beautifully textured clutch and was out the door before P could even start complaining.

It was a strong start with a showcase of Parisian shoes and bags. Aside from all the awesome products, I really loved all the PVC clothing they used to pull the entire segment together! I would love to get my hands on the plastic skirts and coats!
How cool is this line-up?!
More on Parisian in the next post!

It was a great idea to compartmentalize the show based on fabric prints, outfit suitability (day/night wear), and just the general aesthetic of the clothes.
Cute nautical look
Love the colors and prints in this set!
Really sweet yellow dress!
Everyone gushed over these vegetable print skirts!
This red pepper one was my fave.
Flowy maxis
More vibrant prints
Sorry for the terrible photo but I just loved this maxi dress on Ria Bolivar! She looked stunning! It fell beautifully on her (but of course)!
Corporate wear with a graphic twist
Nice mod touch on this striped shift.
Both looks are fab! Can you spot the print on the wide-leg trousers?
Cute doctor's bag + color-blocking
Lightweight orange trench makes a big statement.
This is the thing that I need to have most; I love that peplum skirt!
Interesting lace flares
And the grand finale, this red showstopper!
The final walk-through was yet another testament to how SM has been stepping up its game by providing us with an outfit for every occasion.
Congratulations to the team that mounted the successful show! I can't wait to see them on the racks!


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