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Save the Date

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Well, so much for trying to chronicle our wedding preparations.
When we blogged about our engagement and committed to documenting each step, clearly we weren't clued in on just how all-consuming planning a wedding could be. 
With less than two months left, we're up to our ears in guest lists and invitations, props and outfits, lamb versus beef versus chicken, and the million other details to think about. So here is our cathartic blog entry, meant to give a semblance of an update to anyone who might be interested. Piece together this random series of pictures and try to guess what we're going for! Hopefully the event turns out more cohesive than this!

If you're thinking of booking this Chapel for your own wedding, doing it a year or so in advance is probably a good idea!
A cozy little spot in our reception venue. No filter, all natural scenery!

Yes, these figure in somewhere!

D: I had to shoot the save-the-date video with an injured ankle!

D: A big thank-you to my grade school and high school alma mater for allowing us to shoot a snippet of the video in their lovely chapel.

Thank you to Notion in Motion for working with us on the video below!