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Sushi Fridays

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Dinners on Lent Fridays are obviously a tad bit trickier than on regular Fridays, given the seafood-only policy that we try our best to abide by. This year we found ourselves alternating between two restaurants.
We stumbled upon Asagao inside the Pearl Drive complex randomly. We went in without any background information on the place so our expectations were non-existent.

Their menu
It's a small place, usually with a handful of students occupying the tables. Because of its size, it can get reaaally noisy so if you're looking for a quiet place to chill then steer clear. The guy on the rightmost side of the photo is super nice and accommodating but the girl manning the till consistently treated us as though she had better things to do. We get that being a waitress must be exhausting, but being downright rude and haughty is unacceptable. Anyway!
The tempura was a little "bready" but not criminally so like in the cheaper places. It was nice, crisp and freshly cooked. They served the sauce warm and with a side of optional ginger. These were good touches that at least showed some effort. 
We don't usually go for Jap food when eating out but we've recently gone crazy over these Philly Rolls. The salmon and kani, together with the teriyaki-and-mayo sauce make a tasty combination.
Love the sauce! Make sure to ask for a little more teriyaki sauce on the side if you like the savory sweet taste.

P: SM shirt, vintage suspenders, 21Men jeans, deck shoes
I needed a hipster outfit for a friend's themed birthday so the checkered shirt and suspenders were a good fit. It's cool for a regular night out too as long as you don't feel pretentious in it.
Yes, my hand did not leave my pocket for the entire shoot.
Snapped up this cool slap bracelet from Topman. They took a 90's staple and updated it with the summer-trending tribal pattern.
D: thrifted vintage tee, random tights, MonicaFig French Bulldog shoes, H&M sunglasses and cuff
I know, it's cop-out dressing, just an over-sized shirt and a lack of pants. I just love all the awesome details on the shirt that I didn't want to obscure it with other...stuff. 
This is the nth time I've worn these ankle boots but I guess that's the mark of a good shoe, right? And the fact that I'm currently under a self-imposed shoe shopping ban means that repetition is bound to happen.


Denise said...

rawrr to that fierce tunic! :) lavet to bits! :)


Mode Junkie said...

your blog makes me really miss the food options in the philippines. :(
anddd i can´t believe that this shirt is vintage! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!


dred said...

this shirt is thrifted? i die!:) love your shoes too. :)


Wonder Woman said...

Great outfits, both of you! :)

Please join my giveaway, if you haven't yet:

Aisa.Paxie said...

i love Pao's look complete with suspenders!:) Also love yours. That shirt and shoes! I want:)