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D: Woke up bright and early last Saturday to shoot for Lola. Here are a few behind-the-scene shots!
Some of the stuff that will be sold on Saturday! Check out the pretty bags on the bottom left!

 I'll post the bazaar poster and the first teaser soon! 
Check out the rest here or here.


D: The Ramp at Crossings is one of my favorite places to shop in. A wide selection of brands all in the same space makes shopping so much easier. I love visiting their shoe section to check out the latest offerings of the local shoe brands! It's also a great bonus that P doesn't have to tail me since he's also preoccupied shopping.

P: It's nice to see a respectable amount of interesting men's clothes in a department store and Crossings doesn't disappoint. While about a third what's on offer is a bit too avant garde for my taste, it's still great that designers/labels get to show off their stuff here.

P: Nothing says grandpa vintage like shawl collars. I like this double-breasted number in navy but I'm not too sure about the short sleeves. It's a great twist on the classic cardigan though.

P: I like wearing shirts like this with a tie but unbuttoned at the top. It adds subtle flair to an otherwise regular piece.

P: Shoe finds at Zara. A couple of desert boot/chukka offerings. The first is obviously a throwback to the classic design from Clarks. I prefer the second one (though both are great) because of the dirty blue, worn leather and fold along the top. They're perfect for rugged urban schlepping.

Pretty platforms from their house brand

Tonic wedges that I really wanted to get!
Only P1,200+ and so comfortable. I love the taupe in the middle!

Criss-cross heels which I wish weren't peep-toes

Saddle shoes from Pill
Love the red in the middle!

Cute polka dress for only P299
In fact, everything on this rack was below P300!

Gingham polo from faith.hope.love.
This reminds me of Dorothy's costume from Wiz!

Yellow sundress with an adorable print also from faith.hope.love.

Lovely evening gowns

BKK shirt and dept store shorts
P: I was really digging how much the Thais were playing with these abbreviated collars. It's like you can pop your collar without feeling like a douche. Thinking of having an oxford shirt made with the collar folding over just enough (sort of like a club collar but smaller and straighter).
Bkk top and sandals, thrifted shorts
D: Plain Jane on a relaxed Saturday.
Nothing intense because we went straight to Araneta to watch the game.
And what a game it turned out to be! Go Ateneo! Anyway...
I love the fit of this white top, very easy and comfy. Best thing to grab on lazy days.


Ash said...

Where is the bazaar located? Same building as Charlie's and Yoggle? I'm definitely going. I want the bags!

Kookie B. said...

i love the 2nd jacket from P's picks! i want it!!! and ooh, tell me that you bought that polka dot dress! it's a steal! the yellow dress is also a fun one! nice picks, Dani!

Mode Junkie said...

OMG get those tonic wedges. they´re sooo awesome and soo mura ha. i miss pinas shopping na. ;(

xoxo Mode Junkie

Melai said...

Love the tonic wedges too!! :) Fab finds. Nice styling! The style definitely reminds me of style bubble :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Stylish Pariah said...

your tailor seems really good because you always commend him. hope you can share your contact. i would like to have something custom made :)

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Stylish Pariah: Hi, his name is Joemar Habana and he keeps shop in the Kamuning fabric market. Just look for his store in the inner area of the market. He specializes in menswear. I suggest you bring written instructions so that he won't forget any key details you specify.


gillian said...

I just discovered your blog and I think I love you! hahaha <3


NISSY ♥ IncognitoGlam said...

I love that gown! No idea where I'd wear it but I need it in my life! Where is it from exactly? :)


The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Gillian: Haha, thanks for stopping by! :D

Nissy: Hi! It's by Arlene Sipat at the Shang branch of Crossings! :)