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Vitress: Mane Matters

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 Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail, especially pretty pink ones tied with a bow?
The Vitress team sent over this really lovely surprise and I'm pretty much set hair-wise for a very long time!
Low maintenance is not a word I'd usually use to describe me, but when it comes to hair care, I have a bare-bones routine. I use any shampoo/conditioner that's available, I don't own a hair brush, don't blow dry, and I don't like shelling out too much for salon treatments (crossing my fingers that it's not TOO obvious). However, my mom bought a bottle of Vitress cuticle coat that I'd pull out whenever I didn't feel too lazy to add a little extra something to my routine.
 I'm not pretending to be a beauty blogger but these products are fool-proof that even I can't mess it up! 
 Here's my mane in all it's unkempt gory glory. Don't judge, this is straight out of bed pre-morning shower. :S
I love pump dispensers! They're so handy! You only need a small amount per application.
 I only put on the bottom half of my strands because I didn't want my hair to hang too straight and flat. 
 I love how it adds some semblance of order to my hair without making it look rebonded (no offense to anyone with rebonded hair). I like how it adds shine without taking away all of my disheveled-ness. The pleasant smell that lasts all day is a great bonus too!
My resolution? Time to start using this product more regularly! I don't really have an excuse now, do I? 
Check out this video of Vitress' endorser, Solenn Heusaff to get a better demonstration of how the product works!