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 Took some pictures for this contest that I joined and I figured I didn't want to waste 'em, so here they are! I unearthed an old favorite; this skirt has been worn to occasions of all kinds. I used it for my Book Week costume as a Language Arts teacher, to parties with friends, to an 80's-themed party with family, and other random events I can't quite remember. For something so loud (it's as "un-classic" as one can get), it's pretty much a staple in my closet.
H&M striped sweater, skirt from Manang Rose, New Look heels, The Ramp necklace, vintage belt, Portobello Market sunglasses, bracelets from my preschoolers and my grandma
  I've probably talked about this before but I love that the fabric of the skirt was from a random bolt that I stumbled upon at a market. I handed it over to my favorite seamstress and told her to just whip up something with it. Luckily, she decided to stuff it with tulle and pleat like crazy. No one gets me like Manang Rose!
Everything I have on has been worn to death (except the shoes and the necklace which are relatively new purchases!) as referenced by the title of the post. They all carry some sort of sentimental value and any time I slip them on, a fond memory from the time I acquired them pops up in my head. It's just like re-hearing that song that played during a memorable beach trip or smelling the scent of butter and sugar on white bread that was always in the toaster in your grandparents' house. Don't you love when that happens?
 I think the some of the most successful outfits come together when composed out of stuff that you truly love and live in, rather than solely out of the trendiest  pieces of the season.


Yna Amores said...

Very true indeed! I love clothes that are battered and worn in!

Gillian Uang said...

I am so envious! I want that skirt! <3


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i have to agree with gillian, i'm coveting that skirt for sure! i definitely understand why you'd wear it to any occasion..it's so fun!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

SoulePhenomenon said...

I am loving the whole look! That skirt is really awesome!!!!