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Mall Rats: Robinsons Galleria

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band shirt, Topman pants, Bkk neon green and gray plimsolls,
21Men shades and belt

I like that the yellow of the shirt is both bright and faded in parts. I need more chinos! I'm hoping to find a nice hunter green pair, perhaps with some pleats.

Dorothy Perkins top, F21 pants, belt, and shoes

Listing down my outfit sources makes me think that I go to Forever21 more than I should be.
And horizontal stripes are not my best friend, but this shirt is too comfy to pass up.

I scored these earring for P49.50 at the neighborhood grocery store!
How random is that?!

Our cheesy matching Timex watches
Their large faces and unfussy leather straps are so practical for everyday use!
Both were steals from the Robinsons Galleria Department store.


One afternoon, we were mulling over what to do for the weekend and it dawned on us that we always ended up going to a mall. Really, it's quite ridiculous how much time we spend going to all the shopping centers in Manila. And it's getting to be quite the costly habit too.

So we decided turn this pastime into something productive, which brings us to a new segment for this blog. It's a pretty straightforward concept. From time to time, we will feature good finds from a chosen mall.
It wasn't easy trying to sneak photos during our first run. One would have to distract the suspicious SAs while the other took a quick snap. You'll have to pardon our less-than-professional shots!

Anyway, we hope you have fun going through the photos of some of the things that caught our eye at: ROBINSONS' GALLERIA!

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Robinsons' Department Store

The new Nixon counter kept us drooling the entire time!
What a fabulous display of cool timepieces, and at very pocket-friendly prices too.

We both really liked the matte metal digital faces on the upper left.
D: I also liked the octagon-shaped one with the black face.

Bachelor's Pad shorts in a really nice pale blue shade, ready for summer.

These are a throwback to the '90s preppy windbreakers (think Tommy Hilfiger), except with a trimmer fit and a lighter build. Good to be ready for those random summertime showers.

Never Been Kissed khaki bomber jacket for only P480
This is such a steal! You can throw it over anything!

Never Been Kissed flapper-style dress for P450
The fabric was super light and soft which makes for a perfect summer dress.

Liberte patent dove gray chain bag for P350

50th Avenue

Rebel Gear bags
D: We didn't get to shoot the bottom shelf but they had the cutest bucket bags in candy colors.

Tan satchel with fur for only P750!
So tempting!

D: Not too sure how much this coat cost but isn't it cute?
Love the color, the collar, and the pockets. I'd change up the buttons though!

The Gozum Store (forgot the exact name!)

Looks familiar?

They had a whole bunch of Lanvin x H&M copies and in fairness, the tulle was pretty soft and non-scratchy.
I loved the one on the mannequin and the black and white one with cap sleeves.
P1,100 - P1,200
Leopard cape, P800
This looks so much chicer when worn!
You all have to go check it out! I ended up with the black version.

Assortment of rings at reaaaaallly low prices!
The scorpions were only P100!

Double finger snake rings

Colorblock boat shoes
D: I really liked these! Too bad P is too picky with the soles of his shoes and they didn't carry them in women's sizes.
P: The soles of these are too chunky and thick. There's barely any material left on top.

Folded and Hung

This store is really stepping up their game! We both were really surprised at how much photos we wanted to take. When we asked the store manager though, he said we weren't allowed to shoot anything so we walked away with only 2 stolen shots.

Men's swim shorts
D: They actually had cute board shorts for girls too! I'm so happy that they practiced restraint and didn't print FOLDED AND HUNG in huge letters across their merchandise. A lot of local brands love doing that.
P: I saw a lot of nice swim shorts in varying designs, ranging from basic stripes in bold primary colors to loud '80s-inspired prints.

Some feisty accessories
P: We ended up getting a pair of sunglasses each. I was also interested in a pair of dark purple pants (not as bad as it sounds) and a grey jersey blazer.


  Combat boots
D: I love the cut-outs! I think it would look great with neon tights and cut-offs.

So the original plan was to limit ourselves to window shopping but with so many bargains and finds begging to be snapped up, we couldn't help but take these home with us...

Plaid windbreaker (P799)
Pretty cheap and easy to bring around just in case the weather turns. I love the faux wooden buttons on the cuffs. 

Black version of the leopard cape
D: Totally off-season but impossible to resist!
(clockwise) F&H brown sunglasses P380, F&H clear glasses P400+, Revlon in Siren (orange-coral shade!), and 3-finger ring P125

We hope you had fun reading through our first stab at doing this new segment!
Hopefully, you saw something you like?
If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to let us know so that we can figure out if it's worth doing another installment of Mall Rats!

- P&D


fashioneggpplant said...

love this post, thanks for sharing, i want the 3 finger connector :)


Melai said...

wow nice mall finds. will definitely check out the gozum store :)

Melai of Style and Soul

ynaamores said...

I love this post P&D!Good job keep it up!

Burning Skies said...

Love this! It's been so long since I last went to Galleria. Should definitely go there soon!

Jevay said...

hi! just saw your post! and I happened to have that leopard print cape from Gozum Sample room! yes, its really out of season but i just had to buy that cape. good post!

artemis said...

hi there, i am new to your blog & absolutely love that your fashion posts feature very affordable fabulous finds instead of the super high end stuff. i love those timex watches! if you don't mind how much are they and do straps come in other colors? hope you reply so i can scoot asap to the nearest timex store to me here in the boondocks of lovely alabang to grab one for myself! thank you!!!!♥

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Hi Artemis!

The one with a black face is around P3k and the one with a white face is slightly less.

If we remember correctly, there is a red, one, a pink one, and a navy blue one. Oh and brown and white too!

Hope this helps! :)