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A Late V-Day Post

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P: I decided to go check out Lolo Dad's in Manila for a refreshing deviation from our usual haunts. Also, D had a hankering for some soft shell crab and I'd read that the cafe had a good offering.

Cozy interiors, good for a date or intimate gathering but the lighting was kind of dark so our pictures don't really do the food any justice.

Soft-shell crab parmigiano with blue crab and cucumber salad
P: The breading was a little thick but this was pretty good. I loved the little bits of salmon roe and how the freshness of the salad paired with the heavy parmigiano.

Complimentary passionfruit sorbet to "cleanse the palette"

Rack of lamb with three cheese risotto
D: This was so rich! The lamb was juicy and cooked just the way I like it (slightly on the well-done side, without being dry). The risotto was so flavorful but a tad too salty at times.
Overall, I'd definitely order this again.

Halibut and prawn with wild mushroom rice
P: The seafood was really soft and not gummy at all. It went well with the strong-tasting sauce. The rice was nice and fluffy and had that umami taste from the mushrooms.
It was a well-composed dish.

Dessert at Maitre Chocolatier along Jupiter Street (beside Fiamma)

Chocolate cocktails that seemed was so enticing, seemed being the operative word.

Ferrero hazelnut crunch cake
This is one of their best-sellers and for good reason. It mimicked the Ferrero chocolate balls perfectly and was even better than the original. It's super dense and moist and we loved that crunch at the bottom.

Lindtini: Absolut Raspberry with creme de cacao
This drink did not go down smooth at all. I don't know if we just can't handle our alcohol but this was waaay too strong. It tasted like cough medicine mixed with paint thinner (not that I would know what paint thinner tastes like, but still). Yech.


Shirt from Habana, Topman belt and pants, Cubao X shoes
P: Decided to take my new loafers out for a spin so I paired them with my navy chinos and oxford shirt. The red shoes had enough flash for the outfit so I went simple elsewhere.

 Topshop dress, vintage clutch from my lola, JS Dany platforms

D: I needed a roomy dress because I knew we'd be eating quite a bit so this pale pink number was perfect, not to mention festive for the occasion. 

Oh here's the Deborah Lippman's Happy Birthday on top of a mint green shade!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day! :)


Rosanna said...

yihee......happy vday my fave couple. kiss kiss <3

Tabitha said...

I'm glad you made a post about Lolo Dad's, been thinking about eating there for some time now. At least now I know what to expect :)

And I love that pink number!

Kookie B. said...

That dress is lovely! You look so pretty!

Oh, does P work in HSBC Fort? I think I saw him there last week. :)

Hazel☺ said...

would love to try those resto/cafe! :) and i agree, wear roomy attire on foodtrip occasions haha :)