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First Dibs Year 2

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Last Saturday was the First Dibs bazaar at the Ronac Art Center. 
We spent the entire afternoon and evening manning the booth and we were limp with exhaustion by the time we packed up.
Here are a few snapshots of the event!

 Rosanna and I during ingress
A big thank-you to the three boys who helped us set up!

Our new knot headbands with velcro closure
These are made from vintage neckties and don't give you horrible headband hair or headaches!
We have a handful of prints left and we'll upload swatches soon so you can purchase online.

Our bags went so fast! We only have four pieces left which we will also shoot and upload for those who weren't able to make it.

Our Bargain Bin/Maleta was a treasure trove of vintage finds for P50, 80, or 100!

 The vintage rack

 Remnants of Limited and brand new pieces

Our final set-up! We took up the most space because of the heaps of clothes.

 Looking for Lola girls in the middle of a sweltering afternoon
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Looking for Lola!
Please stay tuned for our next batch of clothes!


 Bkk shirt, Celio hat, dept. store shorts, Bkk plimsolls
Seemed like black was the color of the day so I'm glad I went for this rainbow number. Just had a simple, casual outfit fit for the heat and various activities.

D: Bkk top, shorts from my not-so-little brother, Ichigo shoes
Brought heels to change into but that option flew out the window after the heavy-lifting we did.
Yet again, another casual-dress weekend. I can't wait to wear heels again!
I wish I could dress up more often but my Mondays to Fridays just won't allow it.


Kookie B. said...

awww, too bad i didn't get to go! i'm seeing lots of amazing pieces from the vintage rack! ack! do upload photos soon! btw, love the top you're wearing! so cute!

Rosanna said...

Yay lola! Stole some pics k :D

Tabitha said...

I knew I should have dropped by! It's so near my place! It was so crowded when I dropped my brother off, i didn't know where to park. Wish I got the chance to rummage through the bargain bin!

Lee said...

the bags are so pretty! <3

Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

dred said...

oh love your bags and all those clothes.

nice blog too. i'm a new follower. :)


SoulePhenomenon said...

Gosh, I wasn't able to make it =( But I am glad it was a blast for the brand! =)

Way to go girls!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks everyone! We might have another event where we'll sell the rest of our stuff. Hope you watch out for that! :)