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After grabbing some items we had on hold at Shang, we were supposed to hie off to our usual haunt, Rockwell. Then we realized we were getting a bit bored with the restaurants there and decided to brave the traffic and head to Eastwood instead. And boy, was there traffic...
(P: It wasn't so bad. Plus we used the valet to park
D: It was so bad.)

We both hadn't been there since our Ateneo college days (not those were so long ago) and we wanted to see the new mall so we forged on.

Restaurant of choice: Momo
Having tried and been satisfied with Mr. Jones and Chelsea, we thought it would be nice to try out their sister restaurant, Momo. We really like the vibe of Raintree Restaurants!

The place was packed but there were enough servers to go around. The decor and ambiance super reminded us of Chelsea and so did the uniforms of the staff. Check out the cool and comfy chairs!

P: The place was a bit too cozy though. It was a bit tight getting around with all the tables, chairs and waiters. Our table for two was already packed with only two plates and a large salad bowl. There's an ample amount of al fresco seating, should you be so inclined.

Drinks menu (Click all to enlarge.)

Appetizers, soups, salads


Pizza and pastas

"Jumbo" plates

All-day breakfast menu


Other desserts, cupcakes, and coffee

P found the menu to be too small, physically and the choices to be quite few.
We decided to split a salad and a jumbo plate since they were both marked as "great for sharing." Our friendly server also told us that it would be enough for 2-3 perso

D: Frozen raspberry iced tea. This was so yummy! Reminded me of Sola, which I love. Even the slushy part at the top which I usually hate was good!
P: Frozen lemon and lime iced tea. Complete opposite of D's experience. For a lemon and lime offering, it wasn't sour, nor was there much flavor at all. D said it tasted like flower water. Disappointing.
P95 each

Complimentary bread with country spread (tasted like cheese pimiento)
D: I actually liked this. I wish the bread had been warmer but the spread wasn't bad at all.
P: Liked the cheese with the garlic bread. Pretty tasty.

The MOMO Gourmet- P250
Roasted garlic shitake mushrooms, candied walnuts, fresh white cheese, arugula mixed greens, sliced oranges, hard boiled eggs, and

a raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette

D: The dressing was delicious! Usually fruit+balsamic combinations are too sour for my liking but this was quite sweet! Like you could almost drizzle it on a pancake kind of sweet. The shitake mushrooms were also tasty and were great with the dressing. Too bad there were only 4 pieces on the plate!

P: I agree that the mushrooms were great. Added that bit of saltiness to round out the flavors. Seems like they were scrimping on the more expensive toppings though. It was brimming with eggs and gr
eens but lacking in white cheese, oranges, walnuts, and mushrooms.

Pan-roasted shitake mushroom-coated Norwegian salmon with sweet teriyaki orange glaze and spinach cream risotto - P395
This was under the "Jumbo Plates" category but it was so not jumbo-sized at all. We scarfed this down so quickly! I don't know if we were particularly famished but it was so teeny! I could have finished this on my own!

D: I asked the server for some of the yummy glaze in a bowl and they happily obliged. The fish was perfectly cooked and I really loved the crust it had. The rice was also wonderfully fragrant but the serving was smaller than my fist. The corn was quite disappointing though. It was so bland! That remained untouched on the skewer after 2 small bites.
P: The fish was cooked perfectly(just to reiterate), soft and juicy all the way. It went great with the creamy risotto. We couldn't detect a trace of the shitake mushrooms though. If they left that out o
f the description though, it would be still be a great dish.

D: The dessert counter was to-die-for! One of the staff members patiently explained every component of every dessert to me as I took excruciatingly long to choose.
It was a toss-up between brazo de limon and smores.

Went for the smores!
D: It's actually a giant brownie with marshmallows on the top and graham on the side. I kind of wanted to kick it old-school with an actual smore, but whatever. This works.
P: The cake was really thick and the marshmallows super sticky. I liked that they torc
hed the top a bit to melt the 'mallows and even a bit of the chocolate.

After our meal, we decided to explore the mall. Eastwood really changed since I last visited! The area has so many new features. I liked the quad-type area where some visiting child star was singing onstage. P found the flashing lights quite gaudy but I thought it was pretty!

Check out this dandy gentleman on the grand piano! He looked oh-so-cool and had such a chill vibe going.
D: His sunglasses were so nice, I wanted to buy them from him! Seems like just the kind of man who buys bow ties that you have to tie and not those clip-type ones.

There was a night market open at the central area of the older part of Eastwood so we decided to check that out as well.
D: Surprisingly, I found a gorgeous, giant elephant necklace which I will shoot later on.

Rings for P100

Cool LEGO earphones for P240

Novelty glasses

D: I super loved these paper bag puppets! I want to buy for work!

Bungee Fun!! P120 for 3 minutes
D: I was dying to try this out! Never mind if you have an audience while you make a fool of yourself in the air. It goes much higher than it looks! Too bad I was in a dress. Next time..


H&M button-down and sneakers, Topman belt and jeans

P: I really liked the waxed/coated finish of these jeans. Got 'em on sale too!

Miss Couture dress, Zara silver buckle ankle boots, black studded belt from RDS

Miss Couture is a section in SM Dept. Store with really inexpensive yet cute dresses! Got this one during the recent sale for only P500! I love the back detail.


Kookie B. said...

ooh, that dress is a great find! love the lace/crochet detail at the back.

i always enjoy reading your blog because of the food escapades. i just died in gelato heaven when I went to Gelatissimo. All thanks to you and your blog!